About TP&P


Company Overview


TP&P Technology is a leading offshore IT service provider in Ho Chi Minh City, the Silicon Valley of Vietnam.  TP&P applies its deep experience and specialized expertise across a range of  services: Software development, IT infrastructure and application managed Service, and Business Solutions Consultants and deployment.           

The TP&P management  team is an extremely  accomplished group. With years of experience; leading teams, providing IT capacity, and executing on deliverable. 

Together with our customers employing a simple easy to use business model, TP&P functions as a global technology provider, creating and delivering end-to-end services and projects, offering and establishing development centers, consulting a tailored fit for your unique business circumstances.

Management Board

Toan Nguyen - EMBA

Founder & CEO

Phuong Ngo - MBA

Head of Software Development Services

Hiep Nguyen - Johnny - PhD

Head of Business Solutions

Tan Tran - MSc

Delivery Director


Toan Nguyen

Phuong Ngo

Hiep Nguyen - Johnny

Tan Tran