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Android App Development: Benefits of Developing Android Apps for Businesses

All businesses start with an idea which is to make people’s lives become better and easier.  In order to thrive and stay ahead of competition, businesses have to innovate and come up with creative ways of doing business. Because of high competition, it has become more and more challenging for business to gain customer attention.

In addition to the increasing difficulties of doing business, consumer’s lifestyle and shopping behaviors have also changed as they spend more time shopping on their mobile devices than ever. Thus, it is critical that businesses to develop a mobile channel in order to interact with their existing customers as well as prospects. One of the most popular and effective to do so is via mobile app.


Currently, the two dominant mobile app development platforms in the world are Android and iOS. In this article, we examine the main benefits of developing mobile app on Android platform for business: 

Largest market-share

Android platform has the largest user base compared to other platforms. In Q2-2018, Android dominates the mobile operating systems market taking up 88% of market-share [1] which is more than the combined market-share of the remaining competitors. As an entrepreneur or start-up founder, you definitely want your app to connect with a broader target users, Android app development is a great choice that will help you achieve this.

Additionally, if you already found a market that fulfilling your iOS app, your user base will eventually start asking for the Android version. Then, it should be time for you to start considering an Android port.

Faster time-to-market

For certain kinds of business such as start-ups, having a faster time-to-market will provide them with an advantage to stay ahead of competitions by getting consumers know about their products sooner compared to other competitors. The faster the app is launched, the better the advantage.

Usually, after passing the critical stage of developing the apps, the next step is to receive approval from Play Store to make your app becomes publicly available. One advantage of developing in Android is that Play store offers quicker app approval time compared to others. Additionally, Android apps also have more chances to get approved than other platforms such as Apple app store.

Ease of Updates

Not only Android app development can help your business to attract more customers, it will also provide you with better way to retain users via updates and improvements of your app. Customers love to try new app experience, it could simply be a new UI (user interface) or enhancement of existing features. Android platform offers incredible customization options by allowing you to frequently updating your app to improve quality as well as enhance app using experience. Developers can update their Android app every two hours or so.

On the other hand, updating existing iOS app on App Store, is a time consuming process which requires longer wait time (minimum two weeks of waiting). This, alone, can adversely affect your business plan and delay the release of your apps features and/or bugs fixing.

Excellent ROI

Achieving the required return on investment is one of the major priorities of many businesses. Android apps provide plenty of methods for businesses to monetize their apps by incorporating in-app advertisings and/or in-app purchase. Businesses will be able to receive steady stream of revenue from their mobile applications, based on the massive number of Android devices users.

Apple may be leading the market in terms of App Store revenue, but Android has the upper hand on market share (of 87% as mentioned above) with a larger user base.

Improved marketing with SEO ranking

One of the most popular marketing channels for your business brand is through SEO (search engine optimization). You’d like your app to be discoverable via Google as well as other search engines. Having your app listed on Apple app store is great, but iOS Apps downloads do not provide any contribution for SEO. 

Android apps, however, do contribute to improve your SEO ranking. One significant benefits of listing your Android apps on Play store is that each app view is converted into site page view. Meaning each click/tap on viewing the app on play store is considered as a view on your site page. The more people check out your app, the more popular and relevant it becomes, thus its ranking is consequently increased.

Also, Android app is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. You can increase your customer base by making your Android app available on other third-party platforms such as ApkMirror, Amazon Appstore for Android, etc. 


Mobile apps have changed the ways people doing businesses. Today, Android apps development has evolved beyond the purpose of entertainment, it has become a must instead of just an option for every business world-wide across all industry.

If you do not have an experienced team of in-house mobile developers and would like to speed-up time to market, increase app users’ engagement rate and deliver top-notch user experience as a whole, you should explore the option of outsourcing the development of your Android application to a software development company as soon as possible. You already have a great idea but still not sure how to move forward with your idea yet? Get in Touch with us today to know about our professional mobile app development service and see how we can help turn your app idea into reality.