Project Management

Value is created only when the outcome is delivered with high quality. At TP&P, quality guides everything we do. We tailor-make our own V&V model for software development processes. In addition to Agile methodology, where the KPI is measured at every step of services or stages of product life cycles. We ensure cost containment of resolving critical issues by earlier bugs detection mechanisms.

TP&P Project Management Model

In view of this, the investors of many software development projects have entrusted and outsourced the management of their projects to a highly-skilled and experienced software development partner such as TP&P. Every individual project for us is one unique endeavor.

We aim to provide project management services that will deliver maximum benefits for every single client of ours. With experience managing various projects for clients ranging from SME to enterprise, we efficiently allocate human resources to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and meet high quality standards as required. To achieve this, our project managers work in partnership with clients and developers team to organize, carry out and efficiently complete software development projects according to schedule.


Project management practices affect individual project as well as the overall business goals and strategy to advancing forward of an entire Organization.

Our goal is to help clients develop and improve their project management as well as project portfolio management approach, allowing clients to prioritize and execute strategic projects that will deliver measurable, and sustainable benefits.

Our approach to project management is to closely cooperate with clients to fully understand their goals and visions and apply right-size practices to suit specific business needs, aligning our recommended technology, tools, managing system and processes with your goals and resources.

TP&P can lead your organization in establishing or enhancing Project Management and help improve your project, and portfolio management capabilities.

TP&P Selection & Implementation Process

  • Understand organization culture as well as specific goals and business needs of new technical solutions project;
  • Provide an objective consulting services most suited for the organization, ensure best alignment of project goals, delivery schedule and other enterprise requirements;
  • Provide full end-to-end support for the implementation of the new technical solutions project with management leadership to guarantee of optimal resources allocation and maximum adoption and integration with other enterprise systems and technologies;
  • Apply expertise to provide tools, best practice, governance, and portfolio management;

Outsourcing or Partnership with TP&P

  • Clients may choose to outsource the entire software development project to TP&P to focus on their core competencies; or
  • Partnership with TP&P to provide support and software development expertise for your projects.