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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce CRM is one of the leading CRM solutions with many features and options that can meet many of your business CRM requirements. There have been numerous cases of organizations that successfully self-implement Salesforce, often with the help of an experienced administrator. 

But many of the times, in-house Salesforce implementation has led to sub-optimal results. As a result, this could result in a low users’ adoption rate and your business will start questioning the effectiveness of Salesforce. 

As mentioned in previous articles, there are many benefits that Salesforce CRM can provide for your business which is far better than other CRM system in the market. One of the biggest benefit is that Salesforce CRM can transform multiple areas of your business, by integrating other enterprise applications into Salesforce CRM itself such as: marketing, accounting, and ERP etc. This will help eliminate manual works and automate many functions of your business which in turn help improve employees’ productivity and enhance your business values.

Having said that, it is a challenge for many businesses to make use of all the capabilities, new features and apps of Salesforce system, maximizing its capabilities to that addresses many aspects of your business systems. It would be a failure to invest in a business system and not able to capitalize all of the resources the system provides.


Enlisting a Salesforce consulting service can really help enhance value to your business system post implementation stage. Without assistance from experienced consultants, your in-house team could waste a lot of time and resources incorrectly implement and optimize the Salesforce CRM system which won’t fully work to address your unique business needs and users. As a result, this might lead to missed opportunities as well as affecting your target ROI.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider enlisting Salesforce Consulting Service

  1. Maximizing Salesforce CRM potential 

It is always a goal of business to maximize ROI of many projects as possible. To get a maximum ROI on Salesforce, you must try to fully utilize all the capabilities and features of the Salesforce system itself. Together with the core Salesforce products, there are literally thousands additional apps in the AppExchange store, it’s also difficult to find out which additional applications will be essential and add value to your current Salesforce system. 

Experienced salesforce consultants can quickly help you identify which additional apps are needed to incorporate into your existing system maximizing its capabilities. Doing so can help streamlining your business processes, automate many functions improve productivities and ROI as a result. 

  1. Assistance with your in-house Salesforce project

Many businesses do not necessarily possess the in-house capacity to correctly and efficiently implement your organization’s Salesforce strategy. Besides, it might take a really long time to hire certified Salesforce consultants with qualifications and expertise that can help succeeding all of your Salesforce requirements. 

Working with consultants from external agency helps speed up the process by giving you access to experienced, scalable and certified team of experts who can get the work done quicker at any stages during your implementation process and post implementation. 

  1. Increase User Adoption Rate

Although Salesforce is a great system, it is still required some training for users to fully understand and know how to fully exploit all of its functionalities considering the system itself is integrated with other necessary modules. And this is one challenge that many companies face since their in-house team can’t adeptly provide adequate training to end-users, helping them successfully navigate and use the data and insightful reports provided by the system.

Additionally, there might be other reasons which cause Salesforce adoption problems. By employing Salesforce consulting service, their team of experts will be able to help you pin-point the root cause and provide you with a suitable solution to fix such problem.

  1. Increase Sales by Implementing a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects

Your sales revenues aren’t going up and maybe you start questioning if your overall sales strategy is not effective, especially by not incorporating a CRM strategy. Many businesses today does not realize the importance of a system with a 360-degree view of customers and prospect. Without this view, business processes and information can stay compartmentalized, and it will not be possible for sales team to have a full understanding of their prospects and customers by not having access data related to customer interactions of their business.

Salesforce consultants can assist your organization employees’ access and make efficient use of the 360-degree view which will help enhance their sales process and increase sales as a result.

  1. Gather business insights to improve business decision making and enhance customers’ experience:

As mentioned above, users can input data regarding their prospects and customers into Salesforce system and in return, salesforce will provide them with insight reports according to their specific needs. For example, “the Sales Analytics app can analyze thousands of deals with Einstein Discovery, which can tell a sales manager the top three factors that have the greatest impact on closing a deal across products, regions, industries and more.” [1]

However, without assistance from experienced Salesforce consultants, it will be difficult for sales and marketing team to produce such insightful reports and make better business decisions. With their helps, businesses could discover other advantages of salesforce which they might not know existed in the first place. Having access to various insightful reports, organizations will be able to make better business decisions and focusing on areas which deliver results and improve upon the parts which do not.