Blockchain development has been a buzzing word for recent years. However, when entering the brand new technology, Blockchain developers and Blockchain companies might encounter numerous challenges due to the complexity of Blockchain on applying to the new products. Therefore, some crucial principles as a guideline would be helpful in making the process of developing using Blockchain technology less challenging and more fruitful.

1.  Avoid jargons in the process of Blockchain development:

Jargons, in a simple explanation, are those exclusive terms that are commonly used in Blockchain technology. Those terms like DLT, Dapp, or Blockchain private-public keys are merely for a core group of people who involve deeply in the field to understand. It would be much difficult for “outsiders” to understand then find interest in the contemporary tech. Its development would be less prosperous among the majority of potential users or customers.

It would be the responsibility of the Blockchain developers who spend effort in removing jargon for customers and users. With their in-depth understanding of the specific terms in the field, Blockchain developers could make these terms more understandable to users via the process of communication. It is also advisable that developers focus more on the values that Blockchain development might bring to the customers rather than on the explanation of headache technical definitions. With more understanding about the technology and the products that we are working on, customers would be more confident about the final outcome and would, of course, get more involved during the process.


2.  Overcome the initial barriers:

The most considerable issue is to make other people – outsiders – understand the thing that you are working on. The response is often a blank look when you mention about Blockchain or cryptocurrency initially. So, it would be a real challenge persuading people using Blockchain development in their new apps or software.

For developers, getting involved in Blockchain development requires much determination. An immense knowledge about the field is awaiting you to discover. With the complexity of the core concepts, it would cost a newbie Blockchain developer a great deal of effort and time to master the knowledge and skills of the field. Unfortunately, it is also quite challenging for a person to fully explain these to you in an understandable way.

Then, it is your ruthless effort to expose yourself to the field to the extent that could be more than your ability you might think of.

3.   More attention on security:

Security up to now has been the most crucial issue that Blockchain developers have to deal with. Your money would be put somewhere over the system on the internet. With cyber-attacks, your money would probably loss without any possibility to get back. Decentralization nature in cryptocurrency, no central unit – like banks in our current traditional financial system – that you could claim your money back. One security solution for this is to apply 2-factor authentication method. This would help double the security of your account and the system in general. However, not all the system that forces the application of 2FA to avoid frustration for the new users. A more flexible approach that developers could think of is to just make the 2FA method required for essential features and remove it for less important ones. This could at the same time reduce the irritating experience of users and reinforce the awareness of them about security.

4.  Be Transparent With Users:

Transparency is important in most of the fields of working. But in Blockchain development it is crucial, especially the overall time of software development. When a Blockchain company deloys a software on Blockchain, it would take more time, any time from 2 minutes to 2 days. The overall process of software development, therefore, will be lengthened.

From the very first stage of the development process, this information should be exchanged with customers so that they could set their expectation to another level that could fit the actual developing process. Nobody wants to be kept waiting without any reason. Be transparent and rational with your customer could maintain the trust and develop the relationship to a higher level.

5.  Thinking more about the values

Blockchain has been introduced as the savior for many industries. It could help bring solutions for various industries. The potential of this new tech has been seen as unpredicted. So, to become a leading Blockchain company you should now spend more time and resource on research and development so that you could bring the ultimate value to your customer using Blockchain.

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Should we join with Blockchain development?

Absolutely. We could not stay out of the flow of technology. Instead, we should prepare ourselves to join it. The challenges are obvious. But the more challenging something is, the more fruitful your success will be. And it is you the Blockchain developers who are capable enough to transfer the tech into the actual Blockchain benefit for customers.

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