20 Feb 2020
Cyber-Security Readiness: Top 5 Things for Companies to do to improve security readiness


Cyber-Security Readiness: Top 5 Things for Companies to do to improve security readiness


As we are in the midst of digital transformation, many companies are embarking upon changing and digitizing their operation processes. With advanced technologies come new cyber-security threats where companies might not be aware of, without any approach or plan in place in case such threats and attacks happening.

With that said, many companies do actually have their own cyber-security defense system but are ineffective in detecting threats and protecting organizations from advanced attacks.

Why maintaining security readiness is so challenging?

Even though some form of general cyber threats are still in exist – and most businesses have already have a system in place to protect themselves from such common threats, new and more complicated threats are on the rise together the introduction of new technologies, in particular mobile devices and IoT. Consequently, companies must be aware of the new landscape in order to protect themselves.

If cyber security is among the chief concerns of your organizations, here are a variety number of actions which your company can take in order to improve your cyber security readiness:

1.      Provide security knowledge and awareness training

It could be said that many potential cyber-attacks could be avoided in advanced if companies simply have their security readiness in place. This means a layered approach to security should be adopted.

Lack of cyber security readiness leaves companies vulnerable to risk of attacks and data breaches.

Nevertheless, many business organizations still often make some basics mistakes when it comes to cyber security preparation and compliance, approaching their IT foundation in an inefficient ways leading to potential security problems, such as:

  • Mismatching the operation of new and advanced applications in an outdated legacy IT environment. As a result, leaving risks exposure due to gap in technologies.
  • Along with the advance of cloud computing, many companies have seemed to overlook the risks handing over their data to their one single cloud vendor who could very well be unreliable. Where many companies do not consider an extra protection of their cloud estate, one security attack could wipe out the entire data assets which very likely result in business loss.
  • With the rise of mobile and remote work, many companies may find it challenging to monitor their IT network in its entirety as employees may use their own devices or access the company network remotely.

In effect, business organization need to provide measures and training to employees to improve their security defense and create an overall healthy IT network. However, in reality, not many companies have the in-house security experts and skills to build a robust security readiness and compliance process.

With cyber security threats quickly expanding in this day and age, business organizations indeed have a legitimate reason to worry about potential attacks stealing data and many other confidential business information.

2.      Hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A chief information security officer is the person in charge of managing and overseeing all aspects of the company‘s cyber-defense. CISO will be responsible for your organization’s cyber security readiness, such as establishing cyber security policy, draft training and cyber risks awareness plan for employees, and formulate incident response plan among many other cyber security related responsibilities.

Employing a CISO provide your organization the skilled personnel who can take over cyber security for your business.

It’s undeniable that cyber security protection is a legitimate need and employing a CISO means you’ll have someone on your team who will worry about this aspect for you.

3.      Provide Cyber Security Training

Among the causes for data breaches and attacks, human error is one of the root causes contribute to such breach. For instance, many employees accidentally opened scamming email and download attachments which in itself is actually Trojan horse or spyware.

Here, employees are actually a critical factor that make up the whole organization’s cyber security defense. And lack of training is the reason leading to such breach. Therefore, cyber security training and awareness should be seriously considered and deployed across organization so that they can be equipped with knowledge to protect themselves and businesses from future attacks.

4.      Perform a Cyber Security Risk Assessment Audit

In addition to the security personnel, your organizations should also undergo a Cyber Security Audit to assess and determine on your IT network defenses against potential threats and attacks. This includes checking on various aspect of your IT network infrastructure ranging from hardware conditions, software, and operating system, as well as the patches for potential vulnerabilities.

One common practice which many companies employed is to hire external cyber security firms to perform audit and also carry out testing (e.g. penetration testing) to check for any flaws in throughout the organization’s cyber security system. Any potential weaknesses, once discovered, will be fixed and make the company’s defense becomes stronger and safer.

5.      Have Your Cyber Security Response Plan Ready

One common problem that companies usually found themselves in is that they waited too long to response to attack, after incidents already happened. This is because, at many organizations, executive and management teams don’t have a clear cyber security response plan in place to protect themselves, even after determining that attack is going to happen.

This usually happens to companies because executives and employees don’t have a clear plan for how to proceed once they determine an attack is happening. Drafting a cyber-security response plan gives internal teams guidelines for how to proceed to quickly remediate the situation.

Additionally, your company can improve the cyber security protection by using enterprise security protection systems as a layer for defense – which proves highly useful for security protection of day to day operation across business.


Along with the advancement of technology, cyber threats are also changing and evolving, staying ahead is clearly challenging. The good news is applying best practice and invest in personnel for cyber security could be an effective way to establish an effective defense against cyber-attack.

Hence, practicing security awareness and training is essential to protect your business from cyber-attacks. However, your organization can also hire the cyber security managed services provider to help your company combat and respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats. 

TP&P Technology can offer the much needed experience and expertise in cyber security to help our clients proactively defense and keep their valuable data safe from security threats

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