Golang Development: Why Businesses should consider Go for their App Development Project? 

One of the most encountered questions when many companies embark on building an app for their business is to choose the suitable technology meeting all their unique business requirements.

In the past few years, developers are provided with a plethora of choices for their app development technology stack, and Go programming language (or Golang) has emerged as one of the most popular pick for their project. Many developers have been adopting Golang programming language as this new technology is particularly suitable for projects which require high speed, security, and high modularity. Furthermore, with Golang programming language, the technology stack for building application can be simplified a lot as many necessary tools are already available in Go itself.

In this article, we explore further the advantages of using Golang for various software development projects, as follow:

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The advantages of using Golang for developing business applications

Since its introduction in 2009, Golang has emerged as one of the more popular programming languages and is now making its way to the top positions, getting adopted by various big corporate around the world for building of their technology products.


As mentioned in our previous blog post, one of the reason which made Golang gaining worldwide adoption is due to its excellent performance being a compiled language. Further, unlike interpreted programming languages, Golang does not require virtual machine (like Java) or Interpreter (e.g. Python) for interpretation which makes it easier for maintenance. Other advantages of using GO for business owners and developers include:

For Business:

Suitable for wide range of apps

Golang is a flexible programming language and can actually meet a lot of requirements from a wide variety of industries such as network programming, entertainment and media, big data and machine learning etc.


Golang developers do not necessary need to spend a lot of money on a large technology stack like in some other projects. Particularly, apps built using Golang are compiled to machine code which make them run and perform faster compared to some other apps created under different technologies.

Better performance to reach a broader range of audience

Go is a compiled programming language, hence, it doesn’t require any interpretation. And, as a result, this provides applications built with Golang a better performance, which can help attract more app users by bringing a more pleasant app experience when compared to many others.

Moreover, Golang apps require less system resources and this helps end-users with older devices can still enjoy their app as much as new. And a broader audience range is always a good thing which helps improves the chance of your app becoming more successful.

Improve App Stability

Another great feature of Golang is the built in concurrency model (Goroutines).  Under this concurrency model (Goroutines), app built using Golang can efficiently utilize the processor resources since it consumes much less RAM thanks to its non-system thread feature. This makes Golang app suitable to run in the background as a single process. And, thus, Golang app provides better stability and reduce the risk of app crashing (due to lack of resources) considerably.

Easy to hire Golang developers

According to the 2018 survey by Stack Overflow, Golang is in the top 5 of most loved and wanted programming languages[1].  Further, the number of contributions for Golang community are also increasing recently, this also means that the number of Golang developers are growing as strongly. Businesses can expect to find Golang developers even more easily in the coming years when more developers are opt for becoming professional Go developers.

For Developers:

Developers can easily learn and support Go apps

Developers who are already well-versed in one programming language such as Java, or C++ can easily pick up and learn Golang in a matter of a few days. Thus, in-house team of developers can easily learn and work with Go for their future projects.  

Documentation and testing

Documentation is a critical part in software accessible and maintenance. Thus, it’s ideal if documentation can be tied with the code itself and they would evolve together. GoDoc was developed so that the documentation can be coupled with the code itself by automatically producing documents from Go source code. This makes it easier for developers to produce good technical documentations and better for everyone else involved in the project

Furthermore, Go provides developers with a special package which helps Golang developers writing and running tests.

From the list of advantages listed above, you can see Golang provide a whole lot of advantages for app owners and developers. However, this is not to day that Go does not have any limitation or disadvantages, which business organizations should thoroughly consider before adopting Go for their projects.

Golang for specific business apps and services

Go is certainly a great choice of technology if your business is looking to build an app of your own and stand out among competitors. Let’s take a look at some of the successful apps and services developed using Golang, as follow:

Media and streaming platforms

SoundCloud, in 2012, developed Prometheus as a toolkit for systems monitoring and alerting (with most of its components written in Go), is one of the early adopter of Golang[2]. Other streaming services including Netflix and YouTube also use Golang for their technology stacks.

Mobile application devemlopent

Back in 2015, the ride-hailing company Uber used Golang[3] to build its new service allowing high number of queries per seconds performed, in the quest to improve its map processing speed. Go helped them to build and scale the service quickly thanks to its advantages as listed above. 

Cloud services

Finally, Google, who is also the creator of Golang, use this technology for its cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud). Golang provides high performance and scalability to the Google Cloud platform.


Although Golang is still a relatively new programming language, it has gained wide recognition and adoption from many major corporate including Soundcloud, Uber, and Netflix as well as its creator Google etc. Go provides numerous benefits to businesses including fast performance, efficient CPU workload, and scalability. Additionally, Golang is continually making itself better by allowing more tools available for Go developers, help reducing the time and costs of development.

We’re expected to see more products developed with Golang including mobile app and other services in a wide range of different industries in 2019 and the coming years.


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