As we have discussed in the previous blog posts, successfully developed and publishing your app is great but that’s still not enough to make your app successful. According to statistics, 75% of app users install and leave the app over 90 days of app installation [1]. This could be due to many reasons such as lack of app marketing and improper app maintenance. All of this proves one important point: that mobile app development is a continuous work process, and the post app launching stage is just as important as the development stage.

App development aside, you also have to focus on app market trends, and regularly update your app by incorporating new mobile technologies into your app, in order to stay ahead of competition. Furthermore, it’s also important that you attentively listen to users’ feedback as well as understanding and keep up with target audiences’ expectation of your app innovation and introduce new required features to them.


What is App Maintenance? And, why is it important?

The mobile app development industry is growing more competitively day by day, and users have a plethora of applications available to them for assistance with any particular task or service required. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly improve your apps with new designs and features to retain users and make them stay with your app. Mobile App Maintenance is to perform the improvement of existing features and services and make them perform according to user’s expectation and demand. In addition to maintaining customer loyalty, app maintenance also provide many other attractive benefits.

Here are some key benefits provided by app maintenance, as follow:

Engage with App Users Better

As mentioned above, performing app maintenance is a great way to maintain customers’ loyalty. By listing to customers’ feedback and introduce new idea and fixing app errors reported by users, they will feel more valued and continue to use your app as well as introducing it to their friends and relatives. As a result, you can connect and engage with your target audiences better and at the same time help growing them into a larger one.

Improve app store ranking

The Google Play store and Apple App store favor the app that is regularly maintained and updated. Regular maintenance is a sign that app owners commit to provide best app using experience to users and as a result, app store bring such app to a better ranking. A higher ranking will also result in a larger number of downloads and ultimately generating a higher app revenue.

Increase App lifespan

A frequently maintained app with new functionalities as well as technologies incorporated would remain in the market compared to those that are not touched since launching. More importantly, if you do not maintain or update your app, it will soon lose the hard-earned traction in the beginning and as a result your app would eventually get abandoned.

App Security

Nowadays, more than ever, mobile app is increasingly becoming a target of malicious attacks, hacking activities. In this case, keeping up with app maintenance is a great way to help you identify app vulnerabilities and prepare to apply security measures in advance.

Better For Business Brand

By incorporating new technologies (e.g. TouchID, Facial recognition, Augmented Reality etc.) into your existing mobile app, you can stay ahead of the competition compared to those who do not innovate and never updated their app since launching. Also, your app will stay in the mind of users longer with a great impression as a trendy app with new technology for users to experience with. This way, you are able to increase your brand awareness an innovator with a well-maintained mobile application.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Application Development Company for your App Maintenance? 

Now that you understand the importance of performing app maintenance, the next step is to perform them. In case you do not have the in-house resources to carry out app maintenance, you can always outsource the tasks to external app development companies offshore. There are many to choose from but it’s always best to employ the services of the same developers who developed your app. This is because it usually takes less time for the existing developers to understand your applications, and the associated technologies to make the necessary changes required. This also means lesser time-to-market and lower development costs for your app maintenance requirement.


Understanding and taking care of app maintenance is a crucial requirement to ensure the on-going success of your mobile application development, especially if your app is an on-going business which is constantly growing and expanding.


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