Hire Dedicated Team of Qualified Software Developers in Vietnam

Today, business organizations have come to realize that in order to remain competitive in the new digital economy, their business software development teams have to keep innovating to deliver software-driven solutions incorporating new technologies such as AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. in order improve operational efficiency, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

Together with digital transformation initiatives, the demand for applications is expected to continue growing in the near future. Thus, the demand for skilled software engineers is also anticipated to rise as a result.


It’s becoming a common challenge for companies to find and recruit experienced software developers for their development projects due to shortage of IT talents, especially when time is of the essence. To solve the problems of shortage of IT developers, many companies are now hiring offshore to fulfill the demand.

Among the popular outsourcing destinations, Vietnam has risen as a promising choice for software outsourcing.

Vietnam is home to a large number of skilled software developers with expertise in various programming languages and advanced technologies, along with experience in many industries.

Hiring offshore software developers in Vietnam can be a viable option for business organizations looking to quickly scale their development teams in an efficient way, at the same time reducing hiring costs, and overall select a reliable software outsourcing partner.



#1. Popular Outsourcing Destination with a Large Pool of Developer Talents

In Vietnam, Software development is increasingly becoming a popular career choice for the workforces and newly graduates, Software developers make up a large part of the Vietnamese young workforces. With more and more students getting into Software Development, the talent pool will only increase.

A quick search on LinkedIn for “developer” would yield a staggering of over 50,000 results. According to the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), the Vietnamese IT industry has been witnessing a solid growth in the past few years. A large pool of young talents fluent in English, together with a low-cost labor have made Vietnam a highly promising destination for outsourcing in Asia.

According to a Gartner Report, in 2016, Vietnam was listed as one of 6 primary locations of Global Delivery Country Destinations. Additionally, Vietnam also ranked sixth in the Global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), jumping by five places in the Global Services Location Index by A.T. Kearny in 2017. All these position Vietnam as an attractive destination for software outsourcing.

#2. Vietnamese Software developers are highly skilled in various programming languages and technologies

Software developers in Vietnam have vast experience working with various Software Programming Languages and its frameworks, libraries, extensions, and APIs.

They are also experts in many new trends of software development such as DevOps, and Cloud solutions, IoT (Internet of Things), AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain etc. Java, ASP .NET, PHP, Golang, Javascript, and Python are some of the most popular programming languages among Vietnamese Software developers for development projects.

The variety of open source and new technologies as well as development methodologies help Vietnamese developers reduce software development time and automate repetitive tasks.  

Here at TP&P Technology, we have successfully completed various software development projects which require a range of different programming languages and technologies for a number of clients across the globe.

Our portfolio of software projects includes a range of web & mobile applications for business, B2B portals, system migration, CRM (Salesforce) implementation and deployment, and many other IT projects.

Many organizations in Vietnam regularly hold tech conferences, workshops with a focus on new technologies and software development approaches, helping developers to update on new software programming, applications development, and toolkit, learning new skills as well as sharing knowledge.

#3. University education with a focus on Programming

Information Technology and Software Engineers majors are among the most popular and enrolled by many university students in Vietnam. Additionally, programming is one of the compulsory subjects that is taught at many universities in Vietnam, including business schools. The majority of university students are expected to graduate with basic skills and knowledge of software programming.

Vietnam is in the process of growing its highly skilled workforce in order to keep up with the constantly evolving demand for software development outsourcing. In the recent years, Vietnam is committed to focus on and grow its higher education and STEM learning, making sure that the majority of university graduates will have STEM degrees.

Besides, many software companies offer internship program for 3rd and 4th-year university students for them to have real practice in software development. Moreover, many foreign education institutions also offers extensive training course to software developers in Vietnam, who looking to enhance their skills in various advanced technologies such as Data Science, AI/Machine Learning, Big Data, System Architecture, Cloud and DevOps etc.


Due to the shortage of local skilled software developers, many international companies turn to offshore software outsourcing, tapping into the large pool of IT talents.

However, finding a reliable outsourcing partner could prove to be quite a challenge for many companies – especially, when considering the geography distance, and time-zone difference resulting in management difficulties. Thus, it’s important that organizations clearly define their requirements and establishing clear criteria when selecting a vendor.

For example, programming expertise and verified track record of successfully past projects are among the top criteria for considering vendors.

Here are our 4 tips for hiring the best Software development team:

  1. Review the developers’ tech qualifications

Generally speaking, a team of skilled software should possess these must-have skills:

  • Fundamental knowledge of core software product development lifecycle and methodologies.
  • Experience with popular programming languages and its frameworks as well as new technologies: C#, Java, Python, Golang, PHP, etc. and its frameworks for applications development; Machine learning and data science, Blockchain etc. for projects required such advanced technologies;
  • Knowledge of the Software ecosystem and Software development tools, such as debuggers, editors and IDEs, etc.
  • Knowledge of front-end development technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. and/or design.
  • Understanding of how to integrate different data sources into a single system.
  • Fair knowledge and experience working with database systems.
  • Experience of working with version control systems.
  • Good knowledge of QA/software testing principles and practice.

And other requirements according to project-specific requirements.

  1. Directly interviews candidates

When choosing to outsource development projects to trusted software companies in Vietnam, outsourcing vendors will usually help you to select the right software engineers according to your needs.

Other than that, Vietnamese software outsourcing vendors will also help their clients throughout various stages of the hiring process including initial assessment and resume’ screening, as well as technical interviews.

However, it’s important that customers companies directly conduct an interview to assess the technical background, English ability, and relevant experience to see if they meet the requirements of the outsourcing project.

  1. Hands-on practical testing

Hands-on practical test is an important process when hiring software developers. At TP&P Technology, we have successfully helped our partners recruited many qualified software developers, and place a strong focus on evaluating the candidate’s technical skills in real-time.

An example of this is to provide candidates with several issues that are commonly found in the development projects and request them to provide an optimal solution for it.

Also, by requesting the candidate to complete coding, customer companies can have the opportunity to assess the candidate’s coding skills and best practices. This is one of the effective methods to find out if the candidate is suitable for certain projects.

  1. Consider hiring a dedicated team of Software developers

A dedicated team of software developers would be best suitable for organizations developing long-term projects with evolving needs. Here at TP&P Technology, we can provide your organizations with a team of software developers dedicating solely to your projects.

Business organizations can define the project requirements and get full control as well as visibility over the process. This model is particularly flexible and suitable for projects with continuously changing requirements.

For companies with an existing team of in-house developers, the model of a dedicated team is a great option as it allows those companies to quickly expand their in-house team capacity, accessing to the large pool of IT talents at a very effective cost, delegating a variety of tasks to the team in Vietnam over a long period of time.

Comparing to other engagement models such as Fixed Price and Time & Material, companies will have the ability to manage the workload of a dedicated team of developers, together with the flexibility to change requirements as projects evolve as well as transparent budget and full visibility over the project lifetime.

This model could be to be the most effective bringing tangible results for clients when they outsource software development projects to TP&P Technology.

  1. Do research on potential Software development companies

Before finalizing on the decision of choosing a software development company in Vietnam, it is important that you check on their credibility by verifying their past projects and gather reviews from previous clients.

Besides, IT business directory websites such as Clutch, and The Good Firm also provides real customers’ feedback on software outsourcing vendors, so you can check out and see if the potential partner is a good fit for your project requirements.

Additionally, you can also review the software company in Vietnam through industry recognition such as awards, or industry certifications which they have achieved.


Due to the growing demand for innovative software solutions, hiring experienced software developers could be a challenge for business organizations, especially when organizations looking to speed-up the product time-to-market.

Many organizations have successfully outsourced their development projects to offshore software companies in Vietnam, which provides an abundant pool of IT talents.

However, successfully hiring a competent team of software developers takes time and requires careful planning as well as thorough research. At TP&P Technology, we have successfully completed numerous software outsourcing projects and can help provide your businesses with a dedicated team of developers with strong software skills.

Contact us today if you have any questions about hiring professional software developers in Vietnam.