09 Oct 2018
MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: Key Factors to Consider When Building an Instant Messaging App


Today, the number of people who own and use smartphone has grown to become larger than ever, mobile  users embraced the new channel of communication which is text messaging allowing them to reach out to the concerned people easily in just a matter of second. Instant messaging app, therefore, has become more popular than ever. Communication has become easier with billions of messages sent and received between users world-wide daily.  There are numerous reasons which require of business to build their own instant messaging app. It could be a private communication channel dedicated solely for business purpose enabling team collaboration or maybe for social and professional networking.


In this article, we examine the key factors to consider when building an instant messaging app especially when made for business  

Consider Your Specific Business Requirement for an Instant Messaging App

Nowadays, business is becoming more and more competitive and it is demanded of them to constantly renovate themselves to stay ahead of the competition. Organizations need a better way for employees to communicate, and collaborate more effectively thereby improving productivity and getting work done better. Instant messaging app provide many benefits for business as follows:

  • Business related matters can be discussed professionally and privately in one central place;
  • Improve team collaboration through one platform;
  • Better communication with instant reply and notification;
  • Sharing files and ideas easily;
  • Increase employees' productivity as tasks are done quicker;
  • Etc.

Key factors to consider when developing instant messaging app

First and foremost, businesses need to determine the platforms for the development of their messaging app (either iOS or Android App Development, or both). In addition, there are other important factors that must be carefully considered for successfully developing an instant messaging app, as follow:


As the business information sharing between employees of an organization is highly confidential in nature, it is of utmost importance that the messaging app needs to be built meeting all the security standards required. The messaging app must ensure messages are securely exchanged with encryption methods applied and allow only authenticated users can have access to the app etc. This is to prevent sensitive business information getting hacked and leaked to unintended recipients.


Another key factor that must be thoroughly assessed during the development stage of the app is scalability requirement. Business may be expanded rapidly in the future with the number of employees also increase, the number of messages and files exchanged will also grow with time. The instant messaging app should be developed in such a way that it will leave room for scalability, ensuring consistent high-level performance so that messages and data can be transferred smoothly across users regardless of the number of users scale up or down as per business requirements.


As the name “instant messaging app" implies, the app itself should be up online 24/7 to ensure messages can be exchanged anytime through the app. In order to achieve this, the hosting service provider of the app needs to be reliable and always function properly. The server needs to be robust and responsive enough to enable instant messaging between users regardless of time and place.


With the number of users and the messages and data exchanged between users grow larger and larger in time, together with the archive of old messages and files, the messaging app should be developed with an optimal database solution. It is critical that business choose a reliable database solution provider that will provide a strong and optimal database solution answering all the queries quickly and efficiently.


If you're a start-up and urgently in need of a messaging app solution for business purpose, it is a good option to outsource the development of your instant messaging app to a reliable and experienced software outsourcing company to speed-up the process as well as saving time and costs. Check out our previous article about why business should outsourcing mobile app development.


After carefully considering all the important factors for building an instant messaging app, you can start to plan and implement building your messaging app. There are many solutions to the requirement of building instant messaging app, it can either be done in house or you can outsource the process to an external agency. Many mobile app development companies available today can provide a ready-made app or build the app from scratch according to your specific business industry requirement.

The main purpose of building the messaging app is to provide employees with a better and more efficient way to professionally communicate as well as improving productivity. Contact us today to find out how we can help with the development of the messaging app for your organization.



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