27 Jun 2019
Offshore software outsourcing services and web application development


Even though we are transitioning into a mobile first world in the new digital economy, web applications still play an important role in helping businesses to connect and directly engage with their customers. As a result, many companies still find themselves in need of developing their own web applications. In the recent years, many businesses have turned to offshore software development services to simplify and make the development process easier. 

How Offshore Software Development Improves Web Applications

Offshore software development outsourcing services have been playing a key role in the growing of the web application industry in the past two decades. Many offshore software companies have long had their own development teams with a wide range of expertise as well as experience. Not only these outsourcing companies enabled large tech companies to quickly scale their capabilities, but they also help small-medium businesses to build their own web applications serving their customers.


Whether it’s technical implementation, testing website application quality, or making sure that the web experience is smooth and seamless, these offshore development companies have a lot to offer for web application development.

Choosing the Right Technologies Stack for Your Web Application

One of the reasons that offshore software development has become so popular in the Web application world is because they offer multiple services. They often play the role of trusted advisors in addition to simply sourcing candidates for a development project. This is especially important when it comes to Web development.

One of the reasons that makes offshore software development a popular choice for web application development is because these outsourcing companies provide a multitude of services. More than an outsourcing partner, they also play a role of an advisors recommending the best suitable technology solutions for company’s web app development requirements. This is especially important to help the project stay within budget without compromising quality.

The first, and also one of the most important decisions that businesses owners must make is to choose which stack of technology would be used to build their web application. The decision should be based on the scale, complexity, and features required for the web app.

For example, an internal web app built for a few hundred employees to use will have a different technology requirement compared to an e-commerce website serving millions of users.

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The challenge is due to the fact that each technology stack has different cost and require different development requirements. This means that companies with limited budget must choose one particular platform for their early release.

Offshore software Development Company can help businesses to identify and choose the most suitable web technologies stack. They do this by working closely with customer companies to perform market research and determine their target audience, as well as exploring the technology needs for the product. Choosing the right stack of web technologies will help businesses derive maximum benefits and reduce unnecessary development costs.

Improve QA&Testing

It’s a fact that software bugs and coding mistakes are unavoidable, every software developers and managers understand this fact. And because coding errors are inevitable, development team should ensure that Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing activities are implemented throughout the development cycle. QA and testing is the process of testing software to ensure that it’s free of bugs, functions as intended and has no security vulnerabilities.

Offshore software development companies help businesses avoid the expensive mistakes of releasing buggy web applications through professional QA testing. By employing a team of competent testers and QC throughout the software development lifecycle, Software Company help ensure that their software is error free and accepted by end-users, avoiding potential business losses, and their customers’ information is protected from hacking activities.

How to Improve User Experience and Interface Design

One of the major benefits of working with offshore software development partner is the ability to focus on web UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). In the new digital economy, modern consumers have become a lot more tech-savvy and thus, require brilliant UX and UI design to use and spend time on the web application. In the recent years, many companies have consistently and successfully nailed the UI and UX aspects of their business websites, enabling them to attract and keep users coming back to their websites.

Businesses can enhance their web application’s UX and UI by partnering with offshore software company with a reputation for creating beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use website for the public customers. For businesses that require a particular emphasis on UX/UI design, it’s important that they look for outsourcing services that have a process of incorporating these requirements into the entire development project, spanning from planning and conceptualizing all the way to testing and deployment. 

Avoid Unnecessary Features

One of the difficulties during the stage of planning and conceptualization of any web development project is to choose what features are essential for the applications, as well as determining which ones should be skipped to avoid waste of development resources. This could be even more challenging because traditional market research methods, including surveys and focus groups, could fail to accurately grasp customers’ needs.

Many times, businesses have found themselves develop a wide range of app features according to market research. However, in reality, the most successful products are the ones which offer simplicity and only a limited number of high-quality, in-demand features. 

Through offshore software outsourcing, businesses can take advantage of the industry insights and experience of their outsourcing partners in order to avoid features fatigue and focus their development resources on those critical and must-have features. This help reduce development costs and the time taken to release the application into the market. However, the most efficient way to eliminate the unnecessary features is to involve end-users in every stage of throughout the project cycle.

Many offshore development companies adopt Agile methodology for their software project, which allows businesses to have their prototype software developed and released very early in the process to test the market. This provides web developers the information needed regarding customers’ needs and helps narrow down the focus of applications to the functionalities that are most needed by end-users.


In the modern era of digital economy, many businesses have realized that it’s critical that they develop their own web applications in order to gain a competitive edge and succeed in the increasingly competitive business environment. Web applications can be developed for customers, while many other companies, especially large enterprises, have also started investing in developing enterprise apps for internal use by their own employees. The increase in complexity requirements for web app development has led many businesses to partner with offshore software development services to simplify the process.

More than a technology partner, offshore software development companies help businesses perform research to thoroughly understand target users’ requirements and recommend the best suitable solutions in order to utilize the development resources efficiently. In addition, the outsourcing vendors offer much-needed the QA (quality assurance) and software testing activities to ensure that web applications meet the quality standard and function smoothly.


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