A chatbot in a simple explanation us just a program which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the integration of a chat interface, it conducts real-time interactions with users. Users would have a feeling of talking or chatting with a real people. It is the Machine Learning (ML) technology that enables chatbots to adapt more to natural conversations while delivering company services.

Nowadays, we could easily recognize the presence of Chatbots via their applications on sensors developments, messaging applications, and wearables. There is now a variety of innovative ways to communicate in modern world.


Why Chatbot has a significant impact?

Chatbot now could do more than just comprehending commands. They also can learn and understand languages with the assistance of Machine Learning. Chatbot, therefore, has become more intelligent and able to maintain longer conversations with customers in more authentic ways. To some extent, it could take over most of the task of a normal sales representative. Companies that using Chatbot could then save more money on labor, get more brand reputation from customers, and many other benefits. This is the key point that website developers should take in to account to make the web app development process more benefits to customers.

1) Facilitate the engagement of customers

For web applications, it is crucial to maintaining the engagement of their customers. The use of Chatbots helps initiate conversations even with the passive customers on the system. So, clients would get continuously engaged with your brand.

Now with the power of AI and ML, Chatbots could provide more authentic conversations, with more relevant and necessary information to customers’ queries. Your customers, hence, will keep maintained the conversations for longer time and get more engaged.

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2) Provide an approach to international market:

Chatbots could provide 24/7 service throughout 365 days of a year following the will of users. They could also provide customer service in multi-lingual. Your company now could reach customers in any regions of the world without the worrying of time zone, languages, and the burden of hiring additional staff.

3) Update trends

It has been indicated by Business Insider that messaging apps had reached more users than social networks. Customer’s preference is to interact via chat because they would feel more close to your brand and they would also feel that they are specifically cared for. With emerge of Chatbots, companies now have more opportunities to interact with their customers.

So, instead of creating a new application to get more interaction with customers, you could now integrate your own chatbot with currently existing platforms that are popular to customers, and would save more money and resources.

4) Data insight efficiency:

Chatbot is not only the great tools for communicating with customers, it is also an effective data tracking tools. It could raise questions – simple ones – to customers and collect responses so that you could make use to improve your services or products. For instance, you can observe a great amount of organic traffic to your landing page, but not many of them convert into sales. Your Chatbot then will make a survey to gather the reasons why your customers leave your site without purchasing.

In addition, purchasing patterns and behavior of customers could also be monitored by Chatbot. Basing on the collected customer data from chatbot, companies could decide on which way to market their different products, and which products need more promotion, and which ones need to be redeveloped. In order words, customers would experience more satisfying buying process as provide more relevant products or services.

5) Non-stop customer service:

Nowadays chatbot could interact like a real assistant in a store. It could carry out interactive communication and at the same time ask the follow-up questions to generate more communication as well as more information from customers to identify the problems or issues the clients are encountering. They could also provide even rich contents to interlocutors with a specific page, image, or post.  

For complicated questions or queries from customers, Chatbot is than programed to automatically direct them to the real in-charge sales person. This would save a great amount of time for real human sales person. They have more time to deal with complicated cases from customer rather than simple and time-consuming one. And with the system like chat box, sales representatives could handle more tasks spontaneously and become more efficient in their work.  

Chatbots could initiate and maintain a certain conversation with any customer on any issue, at any time of the day. This makes your customers feel that they are continuously cared for, listened to and as a result, their perception of the brand in the long term would be improved greatly.

6) Cost efficiency:

With the increase in number of web app development companies like Facebook, or Microsoft, users now have more choices of chatbot system to employ. This would be much less painful and costly than building cross-platform app development or having employees for each task.  

Besides, chatbot is the automatic solution, it could handle many customers spontaneously more efficiently than human representatives. Your company now could save more money on labor force and to some extent could avoid the problems caused by errors from human.  

Finally, Chatbot is a nonstop system, so, they could be anytime reachable. All the interactions would be responded immediately. This could increase the user acquisition with relatively low cost.

7) Generate more lead:

As the Chatbot has become more and more intelligent, it now based on the customer data could raise necessary related questions for generating critical information from customers. This could foster the buying possibility of your customers on your website as most of their concerns are addressed appropriately.

Moreover, chatbot could also help to point out un-potential customers based on the pre-set criteria including income, timeline, and resource, etc. then lesson the interaction with those customers to save time and effort for more potential ones.


With the above mentioned advantages, Chatbot deserves consideration for web developers in 2019 in term of cost-efficiency, easy maintenance, great speed. One thing that need to take into consideration is that the personality of your chatbot. Because customers most like interact with your chatbot from the very initial stage of purchasing, it would contribute greatly to your brand reputation.

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