Top 5 Android App development Trends to Expect in 2019

Having a mobile presence is now crucial for any business organizations because people today spend time on their mobile devices to access the internet more than ever. At the present time, Android is leading the mobile OS market in terms of users with a staggering 88% market share (as of Q2/2018)[1] leaving iOS in the second spot. And this makes Android an important channel for business to engage and communicate with their customers.

Android app development is going through a drastic change with new and better technologies incorporated into Android applications making them better than ever while providing users with very pleasant app using experience.


In this article, we examine some of the popular Android app development trends that you can expect in 2019:

 1. Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence

In the past few years, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have changed and had a huge influence the entire mobile app development industry including Android development. Today, there is a significant interest in the using AI for app development. In many cases, AI assistant can help users to automate tasks completions and assistance with other jobs. AI’s capacity for analyzing and learning allows businesses to continuously improve and provide their customers with a pleasing and personalized app experience.

And with thousands of new apps being introduced to the market daily, your app must provide a distinct advantage to meet the increased standards required by users. Thus, it’s important that app developers as well as business organizations keeping up with the advancements of AI in order to stay relevant in the market. Additionally, this technology also elevate the standards for other aspects of app development such as UI/UX designs. In the near future, developing app with old, conventional code would no longer be enough to meet the demand modern customers who are familiar with the innovative technologies.

2. In-App Search

Similar to Spotlight feature on iOS, Android system offers users the in-built in-app search feature in the Google Search app which allow users to search for in-app content. Many apps such as Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube have successfully integrated this particular feature for their app. This trend is expected to become more prominent in 2019.

3. The Increasing Adoption of Cloud Technology

In the recent times, there has been a strong growth of cloud-base Android apps on the app market place. Business is now recognizing and embracing the power of cloud based applications. Cloud-based apps not only help business to reduce the need for IT infrastructure (such as expensive hardware), but also lower IT costs and overheads while allowing end-users to have a better app experience by taking up fewer storage on their mobile devices.

With cloud-computing technology, data for many of the main functionalities of the cloud-based apps are mostly stored and accessed directly from the cloud, which means that those apps will take up fewer storage on user’s devices. Furthermore, cloud-based apps also allow business organizations to customize their internal apps for better use with a greater flexibility allowing employees to have access to business information on-the-go and collaborate with their team easier.

Many industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment, etc. have significantly benefited from cloud-based solutions. Business organizations should take this into consideration and incorporate cloud-technology into their Android app development.

4. More than just an App

Today, Android Apps are moving beyond the mobile devices screen and breaking the conventional standards. Among these are a handful of virtual reality and augmented reality applications. For example, an e-commerce application incorporated AR technology can offers users the very interesting and unique experience of trying on numerous products without having to physically have their hands on such products. These technologies offer significant potential to revolutionize many of the business industries.

It’s also worth mentioning about the rise of Internet of Things (or IoT) in the mobile app development industry. Many of the smart devices are now available to assist people with their daily tasks, which in turn help them save time and have a more convenient life. These smart devices can be interconnected and controlled via one single app through users’ mobile device.

5. E-Wallet and Digital Payment are Taking Over

Imagine not having to taking out your credit card to make payment when shopping, or receiving payment from your friends, contacts immediately? Yes, with e-wallet all these are possible, those e-wallet apps can even do more. As of this writing, billions of transactions have been carried out by mobile devices. Using mobile app as a form of payment are becoming so popular these days that it might take over credit card one day.

Other than this, the rising popularity and public recognition of blockchain technology also makes digital payment to become the preferred form of payment. Many businesses organizations when building their own Android App should consider incorporating digital payment methods into their own app to provide their customers an easy and smooth check-out process. It's important that organizations hiring Android developers who possess relevant domain knowledge and skills to help them building such app.


The Android App Development industry is currently witnessing a strong progress in the recent time. The emergence of advanced technologies such as AR and VR are changing the ways users using Android app. Moreover, many Android Apps are now adopting cloud technology to improve their app performance staying ahead of the competition. Also, Android devices with E-wallet apps are now being used as a form of payment taking over the traditional methods. These trends will sure make a huge impact on the business of Android App Development in the year 2019.