08 May 2019
TP&P Technology is Certified Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner - Vietnam


TP&P Technology is Certified Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner - Vietnam

In the age of digital transformation, the majority of businesses are moving away from legacy system of traditional on-premises CRM to cloud-based CRM solution (Salesforce CRM) to address availability, mobility, IT resources efficiency and scalability challenges for businesses.

For companies looking for a CRM solution with powerful capacity meeting their needs, Salesforce CRM is the solution to opt for.

TP&P Technology can provide your company with an end-to-end CRM solution, ensuring that our professional Salesforce service is custom tailored to address all your specific CRM requirements.

Today, we are excited to announce that TP&P Technology has been Certified Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner.

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TP&P Technology has now become certified Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner, and this means that our team of Salesforce consultants and developers also have to be Salesforce certified in order for us to become partner.

In the process, our Salesforce team at TP&P Technology had to familiarize themselves with myriads of Salesforce features and modules which are used by companies of all size in various industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many more.

We understand that companies across the global market would want to work with trusted and certified partners, so here we are.


If your companies are not yet using salesforce, TP&P Technology can help customize Salesforce platform and perform various integrations to meet according to your specific business requirements, streamlining the processes to help boost employees productivity and increase sales and revenue.

And if your organizations have already adopted Salesforce, we can help improve your Salesforce CRM investment by unlocking the system to its maximum potential, delivering the optimal return on investment required.

We also offer training to increase users’ adoption, integration with various applications (e.g. ERP, Accounting, Social Media etc.) in your business applications portfolio – whether cloud or on-premise, and many more.

Why choose TP&P Technology for your Salesforce Projects?

1. Salesforce is world-leading CRM

Below are some of Salesforce offerings we can help you with:

- Sales Cloud: One of the most popular and most required by businesses to increase sales and manage leads effectively, and improve on customer experience.

- Service Cloud: Helps businesses to take care of various customer services requirements such as case management, support ticketing via multi-channels (e.g. website, call center, Social Media etc.), queue management and more, automating various customers service tasks increasing efficiency and productivity.

- Marketing Cloud: Allows businesses to capture customers’ data, leverage that data with AI and Machine Learning technologies for marketing purpose in an automated way.

- App Builders: Our App developers can help transform your business app ideas into life.

- Salesforce Integration Services: Our salesforce developers and consultant team can help integrate Salesforce CRM with your various business applications and streamline all of your organization’s business data into one central place.

And more.

2. A high standard of professionalism

At TP&P technology, we put our customers first. We collaborate and work closely with our customers so that we can understand their businesses thoroughly. We make sure that each Salesforce project undertaking is well-managed with transparency, and effective communication so that customers will be able to keep track of the project with full visibility.

TP&P Technology commits to deliver results at highest quality and in a timely manner, staying within budget.

3. Technical know-how

Our team of professional Salesforce developers and consultants strive to become the best in order to provide the best services to our customers. The salesforce team at TP&P Technology have a broad of skills when it comes to Salesforce implementation and we also have a deep understanding of many salesforce products and new modules that are required by the most sophisticated customers.

We can help with various complex integration scenarios, so business can trust us with their particular Salesforce integration and implementation requirements.

4. A passion for what we do

More than just a technology partner, TP&P Technology is experience understands very well the business processes of companies in various industries, thus we can recommend the best suitable technical solutions, and appropriate technologies and tools for your Salesforce project.

Our team is constantly updating themselves to learn more about the latest Salesforce products and features as well as best practices for development, so that we can provide the best solutions to our clients.

TP&P technology is a leading IT service provider and software development outsourcing company in Vietnam. Contact us today and to find out how our team of experienced Salesforce consultants and developers can take your business to the next level.


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