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21 Aug 2018
Things to Do Before Starting Your Mobile App Development Project

Whether you are an individual who have an incredible idea looking to build an app or a business (e.g. start-ups, SME, enterprise etc.) that is expanding and in need of an app to cater to mobile use...

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20 Aug 2018
Software Development - Offshore Outsourcing vs In-House Developers Team

In the recent years, outsourcing has become an established trend and many organizations including many startups or enterprises are often stuck in a dilemma of choosing either outsourcing or forming...

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14 Aug 2018
Outsourcing Web Application Development: How to Choose the Right Technology Stack?

One of the most important things to consider when outsourcing your web application development is choosing the technology stack for your web app to be built upon. This is particularly important whe...

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09 Aug 2018
Choosing the right company for web app development outsourcing

Whether choosing to develop a brand new web application from scratch or maintaining and upgrading an existing one, more and more businesses are now opt-in to outsourcing their web app development p...

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31 Jul 2018
Mobile Application Development Outsourcing Team in Vietnam

Today, it’s obvious that people spend more time on their mobile devices for internet browsing, online shopping than on their desktop/laptop devices. Many companies already get a mobile app develope...

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30 Jul 2018
Choosing team for your web app development outsourcing project

When outsourcing a web development project, a company usually face with the two options of either employing a full-stack web developer or outsourcing to a team of specialists. It may seem like a go...

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27 Jul 2018
Outsourcing Mobile App Development Project with React Native

Using React Native will deliver the speed and agility similar to the process of web development. React Native increases efficiency, improve developers’ productivity and reduce development workload....

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19 Jul 2018
Salesforce CRM Integration Solutions: Cloud and On Premise - TP&P Blog

As you may already know, integrating salesforce with other enterprises systems will provide many benefits as well as fulfilling necessary specific requirements for businesses. In this article, let’...

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17 Jul 2018
Software Testing & Quality Assurance (QA) Services: Why is it important?

In this day and age, technology is being developed at lightning speed with and it now plays a vital role in our everyday life. New trends of software development quickly get adopted and applied to...

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13 Jul 2018
Salesforce consulting and Development Service Vietnam

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) system which provide sales team the ability to manage information regarding their prospects and customers. With its powerful capacities and bu...

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11 Jul 2018
Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs IT Managed Services

For some businesses, retaining and training extra personnel in the form of an IT department is usually expensive. In the past few years, many companies are starting to realize the advantages of emp...

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09 Jul 2018
How to create an effective mobile payment solution in 2018

A mobile phone, nowadays, is more than just a simple calling device, technology has transformed mobile devices from a communication tool into a powerful gadget. In this day and age, smart phone use...

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