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04 Dec 2019

Today, for the first time ever, consumers are spending more than accessing the internet using their smartphone rather than desktop. And, as a result, mobile is increasingly becoming the channel whe...

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29 Nov 2019

Today, with the advent of emerging and innovative technologies such as Blockchain, AI and data science, the software industry is experiencing a significant skill gaps with business organizations fi...

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28 Nov 2019
Outsourcing Software Development: A Guide for Nontechnical Entrepreneurs

The global demand for IT talents and software engineering is increasing and growing stronger than ever, especially when it comes to skilled engineering for innovative technologies such as Blockchai...

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22 Nov 2019
Top 5 Software Development & Technology Trends for 2020

New technologies are emerging and offer many potential opportunities for businesses in the foreseeable future. More importantly, the demand for the development of emerging technology just keeps gro...

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19 Nov 2019
Software Development Outsourcing for Emerging Technologies

When it comes to emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and ML, the increasing adoption of such technologies lead to an intensification of the competition with companies trying to vie for the...

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15 Nov 2019
Mobile Healthcare App Development: Top 7 Factors to Consider

Today, more and more healthcare professionals are using custom healthcare solutions including mobile applications to interact and provide care plans for their patients. According to Statista, the...

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14 Nov 2019
Top 5 Factors to Consider When Hiring AI and Machine Learning Engineers in Vietnam

AI & ML enables a company to become smarter and more adaptable to the constant business changes by processing and analyzing data they to derive actionable insights and stay ahead of the competition...

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07 Nov 2019
The Rise in Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Support Business Decision Making

In 2019, it does not cost a fortune to adopt AI technology like how it used to be a few years ago. AI’s advanced capacity to automate a numerous repetitive tasks make it the ideal solution for perf...

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05 Nov 2019
Why Businesses Outsource QA & Software Testing? And, How to choose the right QA Outsourcing Vendor?

For many software development projects, QA testing is usually performed directly by in-house team to make sure any error, no matter how small, is identified and fixed before they turn into larger p...

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30 Oct 2019
Why should businesses outsource software development when they can do it in house?

Why do businesses decide to outsource their software development projects when they can do it in-house? Such question is very often asked by many business executives before embarking on their softw...

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29 Oct 2019
How Much Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Development Cost In 2019?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are among the most buzzed words in the IT industry in 2019 with a plethora of AI based solutions that transform business processes in various...

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23 Oct 2019
AI Implementation: Top 10 Factors to Consider

In our previous blog posts, we have mentioned that AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ML (Machine Learning) technology is being adopted by businesses across industries, from Manufacturing to Finance to R...

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