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08 Oct 2018
Salesforce apps: custom-built app vs. AppExchange Store

In the previous blog posts, we have mentioned that there’s rarely one-size-fit-all solution and many businesses require additional apps to work with Salesforce to fulfill their organization’s speci...

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04 Oct 2018
Web App Development: Top 6 Tips To Become A Better Web App Developer

One of the factors which greatly concern business when outsourcing web application development is the quality of web app solutions. How do web developers build quality web app as desired by clients...

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03 Oct 2018
Custom Web Application Development Service: Key Benefits

When it comes to web application development, a typical project would usually require custom application development. For example: an e-commerce websites would require many functionalities and modu...

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26 Sep 2018
iOS App Development: Key Reasons to choose iOS Platform for custom app development

When it comes to custom app development, the one question of whether to choose iOS or Android is the one that most often encountered by businesses. For many smartphones users, Apple’s iPhone is con...

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25 Sep 2018
Android App Development: Benefits of Developing Android Apps for Businesses

All businesses start with an idea which is to make people’s lives become better and easier. In order to thrive and stay ahead of competition, businesses have to innovate and come up with creative...

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20 Sep 2018
Salesforce CRM: Why and when businesses should implement Salesforce, and how to do it effectively?

To operate a business efficiently, management will need to employ the right tools and technology to eliminate manual works as much as possible, thereby saving time and improve employees’ productivi...

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14 Sep 2018
Salesforce Implementation - Top 10 Things to Avoid for Success

Implementing a new business system such as Salesforce CRM is one of the most difficult business challenges you might encounter. Meeting or exceeding return on investment (ROI) for new technology fo...

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12 Sep 2018
Mobile Application Development: Things to Remember When Developing a Food Delivery App

People are now shopping online more than ever, and it has become clear that businesses are transitioning into a mobile first world. With the growing number of online food delivery applications publ...

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11 Sep 2018
Top 5 Things to Remember Before Outsourcing Software Development

Software development outsourcing is effective because it helps business achieve higher productivity by focusing on its core competency while outsourcing the myriads of technical task to external ag...

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06 Sep 2018
Mobile Application Development: How to improve app’s stability and avoid crashing?

App crashing can be one of the main reasons which cause user to abandon the app, leading to low retention rate and failure of the entire project. Even the biggest and most well-known app can crash...

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04 Sep 2018
Website and Mobile App Development Service for Business Success in The Mobile First World

In the past, many businesses large and small can launch a website and stay ahead of the competition simply because they had an online presence while their competitors did not. Now, think about what...

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31 Aug 2018
Salesforce Implementation and Consulting Service Vietnam - TP&P Technology

Salesforce CRM is one of the leading CRM solutions with many features and options that can meet many of your business CRM requirements. There have been numerous cases of organizations that successf...

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