Open Positions

Golang Developers

Expire on: 2019


  • Design and implement scalable and resource efficient micro-services on cloud infrastructure.
  • Design developer friendly APIs using both REST and gRPC interfaces.
  • Implement message queues for time-critical services
  • Create module and unit tests to assure bug-free deployment
  • Identify and resolve issues related to latency, scalability, resilience, and performance
  • Create tools to automate aspects of production systems
  • Reason about complex multi-domain systems that integrate blockchain and distributed store technology
  • Work with cryptographic primitives to implement identification and verification systems


  • 2+ years of experience working with Go in a professional environment
  • Understand about SOLID in Go
  • 4+ years of professional software development experience 
  • Have experiences in concurrency and messaging technologies
  • Enjoy solving big, complex problems in data management, distributed systems, large-scale storage, networking, and performance
  • Experience with web application and cloud services development.
  • Comfort working with relational databases at scale.
  • BIG plus to have:
    • 1-2 years of experiences working with front-end development framework, such as: Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS.
    • Have experiences with scaling micro-services.

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