Must-Haves of An Application Development Strategy in 2022

This article will provide some tips that are useful on how to use the key elements of modern technologies for a well-planned application development strategy.  At TPP - Leading Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company, you can find an experienced tech consulting and implementation partner that can offer you a diverse range of professional application services.

Today, companies have to deal with lots of pressure for efficiency of operation and quick adaptability to business changes and demands that come from customers. A practical business application strategy that includes technologies and solutions for software development, deployment, and management can help companies to overcome the current challenge. Let's examine a number of key components that are included in the modern application strategy.

Cloud computing

More than a third of modern companies are prioritizing investing in utilizing Cloud computing. This is mostly due to the fact that Cloud services are accommodated on-demand, and can automatically increase and decrease the capacity. Moreover, companies can pay for cloud services in more flexible ways, namely the pay-as-you-go model, such as by the number of resources that are employed.

Advantages of Cloud computing:

Companies that are utilizing the optimal cloud services and creating or re-creating app architectures appropriately can gain several benefits, such as:

  • Reducing or removing resources so that they can support or maintain the company's in-house hardware and infrastructure.
  • Minimize the efforts that are needed to put into developing software.
  • Lessen the time that is required in order to develop apps, and test and deploy them.
  • Shorten the time and costs to improve the software.

Distribute the cloud resources to particular services or processes that are established due to the fluctuating demand.

Automate the majority of the IT operations processes, as a result, the IT team can put more effort into contributing to the business's strategic initiatives.

The Importance of Automation

Adopting automation for the entire application life cycle also has a crucial part in the application strategy. Nowadays, everything in the application life cycle including development, operating, deployment, testing, configuration, management, and monitoring can be automated as much as possible. There are some important tools and processes of automation, such as:

Test automation can be defined as the standardization of test planning, design, development, and automation of test implementation. This process will help the company to obtain a good quality for their software, whilst assisting frequent releases and maintaining the process of testing cost-effectiveness.

DevOps is a combination of software development and IT operations. More frequent and trustworthy software releases are being provided by utilizing the DevOps approach and its practices through the automated setting of the development, testing, and production circumstances.

The Rise of Microservices

Microservice architecture: the essence

Choosing a service-based technique for the company's application architecture and considering transferring from the legacy monolith applications into modular architectures are strong recommendations for the organization. The design of microservices involves making or turning an application into a set of small, independent yet deployable components. Moreover, a single business function will be focused on by each of those components.

Major gains from the services:

There are some major benefits that companies can get from service-based architectures:

  • Merging overlapping functionality into more systematized shared services. 
  • Expanding services independently. 
  • Service enhancements are much easier; as a result, the company can react to changes in business needs faster. For example, at TPP, we helped a customer company in the financial services industry transform its platform into a group of web-based services. Thanks to such a transformation, our customer achieved high user satisfaction scores while possessing the ability to quickly expand its platform's functionality and introduce integrations.

Create a sound application development strategy.

Despite bringing many great improvements, the core initiatives of modern applications still possess some drawbacks and risks. It requires appropriate experience and professional competencies, and skills that are related to technology and specific solutions to software development and deployment.

As a result, companies are highly recommended to find an experienced consulting or software outsourcing company so that they can get relevant advice or ask for help from professionals. 

Our team at TP&P Technology will gladly offer you services that can help your company to build or rebuild applications whenever you demand.