Software Development using Python: The Top 3 Use Cases

Invented in 1991, Python has been steadily gaining popularity in the previous decades. Today, it can be considered as one of the most popular programming languages adopted by software developers worldwide. 

According to the TIOBE index, Python has overtaken Java and ranked the number 2 programming language in terms of popularity, the most searched programming language in August 2021 by the PYPL index. Python is particularly sought-after in the financial services industry to enable financial firms to build robust platforms and solutions to meet sector-specific needs.

Why does Python keep getting more and more popular in spite of new technologies and programming languages being introduced every year? In this article, let's explore why Python is becoming increasingly popular these days, and what makes Python among the top choices of technology for web development, building machine learning solutions, as well as other technical purposes. 

Top Python use cases

Originally adopted as a scripting language, Python is now one of the go-to choices for developers to create web applications and machine learning solutions. 

At TP&P technology, we have worked on and successfully delivered Python-based projects for years, and in this blog, we will outline the 3 popular Python use cases as a guideline for organizations that looking to adopt Python for their project.

#1 - Back-end web development

Among the top use cases of Python is back-end web development. Python, an open-source language that offers a large set of libraries available, together with its dynamic typing capabilities, is great for database interactions and creating APIs. Thus, it’s no wonder that Python is becoming more and more in-demand today. 

Additionally, Python framework like Django is also highly popular with web developers due to their flexibility and scalability - suitable for multi-layer, full-stack web applications.

#2 - Advanced analytics and machine learning

Python is portable and allows developers to run its code across platforms, such as macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Python is also the technology of choice for the development of data advanced analytics as well as machine learning-powered solutions. 

At TPP, our team of AI/ Machine Learning engineers has been working on building solutions using Python libraries as OpenCV and Scikit-learn for creating machine-learning algorithms, as well as Keras for developing and training neural networks. 

With the help of such tools and technologies, our team has created machine learning solutions specifically for clients in the finance sector as well as building search systems and recommender systems and solving common problems like fraud detections and spam filters.

#3 - Modernizing legacy applications

As Python is a great fit for building machine learning solutions, it can also be a suitable choice for modernizing legacy applications, where businesses seek to incorporate machine learning capabilities into them. 

AI/ML is highly desired by businesses these days, from finances and banking to healthcare, the demand for such Python-based projects keeps growing higher and higher.

Is Python suitable using in your project?

Thanks to many powerful features and capabilities, supported by a variety of functional frameworks and libraries, Python is a highly capable programming language that allows businesses to build various kinds of applications - ranging from web app development to machine learning solutions. 

Should you require Python for your business digital project, or are still uncertain about choosing a programming language in the first place, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation today.

Looking to Hire Python Developer in Vietnam?

At TPP Software, our Python developers have an average of over 5 years of practical experience working on Python-based web app development projects and Machine Learning solutions built by utilizing Python libraries.

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