Software Outsourcing: Why Outsource to Asia in 2022? 

The Covid-19 pandemic may not be over yet, but businesses around the world are still always in progress. As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global supply chain pressure continues to affect business organizations through 2022, across industries, including the software & IT sector.

Furthermore, the shortage of tech talent, budget cuts, and rising software developer rates in the western market require many companies to seek outsourcing services in order to solve such business challenges. Those companies especially prioritize the services provided by the top companies in the software outsourcing field.

It can be said that Asia has become a pioneer in the software outsourcing industry in the past two decades. Many companies are turning to software development outsourcing firms in the Asia region to serve their needs. 

For cost-effective software development, TPP Software advises that customer companies consider the Asia market because businesses can get an offshore software development rate that is up to 20-30% lower cost than in the Western IT outsourcing destinations (or in the local market), for the same type of services.

There is no place in the world where the software developer talent pool is as extensive as in Asia. Despite the volatility of the global economy over the past two years, Asia’s business and IT outsourcing industry have proven their ability to recover quickly. 

Also, Asia-Pacific is a mature and one of the largest software outsourcing markets in the world and has surpassed other regions in the field of software development outsourcing.

TPP Software is a leading Vietnam software outsourcing company - with a longstanding and successful business model, TPP Software operates across South-East Asia and the Western market, providing our clients with timely, direct insight into the region’s offshoring situation.

There are quite a number of established and emerging destinations. Southeast Asia and Vietnam, specifically, are key destinations in the region offering cost-effective rates at a quality service. 

Overview of Southeast Asia Outsourcing & Economy Condition

In Southeast Asia, the growth of the internet economy has exceeded expectations (partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and the market is now entering a new era of the digital age. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, the E-commerce sector in Asia is expected to grow to a record $2 Trillion. The expanding technology sector has rapidly fueled an increase in tech startups and business initiatives in the region, led by Singapore and Vietnam.

Many European and Latin American companies have entered the outsourcing industry even though most of the outsourcing activities are in Asia.

In recent years, companies in South-East Asia have made efforts to bring the best quality of service to serve Western companies. As a result, these software companies have grown significantly and are trusted for their quality of service and sophistication.

Why outsource software development to Southeast Asia?

Asia is known for outsourcing software with preferential prices. In addition, it also brings other significant benefits to western companies such as: 

- Language: English is widely spoken in the professional work environment. Asian IT service providers have understood that they will need to eliminate this communication barrier. 

- Workforce: The technical expertise and potential of software developers are of high concern, particularly in offshore IT outsourcing. And Asia offers a large talent pool across established and emerging technologies. For instance, Vietnam has 55,000 IT graduates annually (according to a 2019 report by the Vietnam Ministry of Education), a figure that increases gradually making Vietnam a perfect destination for software outsourcing. With many talented Vietnamese developers who have years of experience in working with a variety of global clients, it is the solution to America's ongoing tech talent shortage.

- Time zone: The time zone difference between Asian IT outsourcing hubs and Western clients makes it possible for the round-the-clock workflow. When the consumers are resting, Asia workers are in business hours working on the project. The teams in Asia are willing to support the work schedule overlap you need. With a team full of members who come from different backgrounds or even working locations, it is essential that you take an effort to prepare time management to ensure projects run smoothly.

Collaborate with TPP Software 

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