Why is software testing important?


In this day and age, technology is being developed at lightning speed with and it now plays a vital role in our everyday life.

New trends of software development quickly get adopted and applied to create new and better technology products. Needless to say, the success of any software and/or tech products (web systems, wearable devices app etc.) would depend greatly on its quality and user experience provided. Many software companies assume that once software is developed, it will run smoothly, efficiently and error free. Unfortunately, this is not the case. For a typical project, there’s usually a mandatory phase of testing before the final product gets released to the public.


Also, many business will often view testing and QA as somewhat an unnecessary part of their software development process and often pay little attention or skip this stage to lower cost. This is a misunderstanding because software testing, on the contrary, actually offers many benefits to businesses as well as help to increase profits. Here’s why:

Ensure products quality

First of all, product quality is the critical factor guaranteeing the success of any software or tech product. Software testers, QC and QA will thoroughly perform the testing process and procedures by employing a set of proven methods to make sure products are of highest quality, error-free and efficient before launching. Without testing, products won’t be able to perform efficiently and at its full capacity which could make the project to become a waste of time and resources.

Enhance customers’ experience

By offering high quality software that works the way it’s supposed to, users will be provided with a positive experience of using the product, which consequently will retain and increase customers’ engagement and loyalty. Sales revenue and profitability will also increase as a result. In addition, high quality products will provide a long term benefit by increasing customers’ awareness of company brand and good reputation.

Reduce Costs

As mentioned before, some companies tried to save cost by investing very little in software testing. So, the question is how can business reduce costs with software testing when testing in itself is a service which needs to be paid for? Firstly, software testing will help companies to save money in the long-term because it makes sure the software that they provide is reliable, stable and does not require constant fixing and upgrade for patch work. Releasing faulty products will end up costing companies even more in the long run, in actual money for fixing, loss of revenue and damage of reputation.

In addition, a major benefit of software testing is that it allows companies to eliminate errors and potential bugs before their products released on the market. This will help to reduce cost of having to use customer support which can be very expensive.

Enhance productivity

Without software testing, business might be put in the situation of chaos due to faulty software, and struggle for solution of temporary patch and hot fixes. As a result, it will require developers to put in extra time and effort to identify the root cause and apply for the fix which is inefficient and lowers productivity.

Incorporating QA testing from the beginning of the development process will allow companies to work in peace and be more productive with their time. By adopting agile practice, where developers can produce and deliver small chunks of a product in accordance with a specific timeline, testing software can be performed as it is created, instead of having to wait until the end.

QA is an important factor to evaluate project investment

Many companies often try to incorporate new technology into the process of their software development project. However, new technologies usually require huge upfront investment for implementation. Businesses will need to regularly test to see if the new technologies actually work and deliver the expected result. Software testing and QA, therefore, provide businesses the ability to gauge if the invested technologies bring in the result as expected.

Software Testing is necessary for Mobile

Software testing plays an important part in any software development process and with mobile apps, it becomes even more important. As businesses have gradually shifted from desktop to mobile, new mobile devices are constantly developed and sold to end users leading to a massive disintegration in mobile OS, hardware specs, screen size resolutions and many more etc. Testing and QA help companies to ensure the mobile app operate as expected on many different models of devices, generating as many downloads as possible ensuring success of products.


To summarize, software testing will bring more than just testing service in the long run. The testing job will not stop at the stage of just providing the test results; it will bring overall business value to the whole software development process. Testers will not only play the role of tester but also as problem solvers.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance has certainly grown over time and is now able to take care of the issues related to performance, efficiency, and security of the products.

TP&P Technology’s QA & testing solutions address the multi-faceted requirements of software testing, especially in 2018 with the availability of new technologies and software testing practices such as Agile and DevOps. Our Software testing and QA service will definitely help companies with their software development strategy. 

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