Reasons Why Your Company Needs IT Managed Services

For some businesses, retaining and training extra personnel in the form of an IT department is usually expensive.

In the past few years, many companies are starting to realize the advantages of employing already-skilled, and experienced IT professionals in the form of trusted IT managed service providers (MSPs), who will act as an outsourced IT department, with a turnkey solution to address the information technology and network security concerns.

An experienced managed services provider will actually provide more benefits and cost less to operate than expanding the company budget and formulating an in-house IT team from scratch.

So, what are the benefits of using Managed IT Services?

Reduce Operating Costs and Budget Planning

Hiring and training IT staff often take a lot of time and effort. Besides, set up an in-house IT team from scratch is a complex process that required extensive resources and is also very costly. Many in-house IT personnel also do not have the knowledge and skills required to handle unanticipated situations such as targeted attacks and system hacking.

Managed IT services providers who are highly experienced IT professionals will take care of the tasks handling all the necessary IT works, enabling company employees to focus more on achieving their productive business goals.

In addition, Managed IT service offers tailored IT service to companies according to their specific business requirement and company budget.

Businesses, therefore, will be able to have the expertise of services provided by their outsourcing partner, in the monitoring, maintenance, and management of their entire IT network system– without having to budget for costs of unforeseen circumstances.

Risks management: 

System hacking, malware or spyware infection, natural disasters, etc. are all potential threats that might cause a business to disrupt leading to serious loss of income and goodwill of the business. In addition, many big enterprises and SMEs are not operating in the business of technology or IT.

Managed IT services offer SMEs and enterprises the solution of 24/7 monitoring which is necessary to control and mitigate risks. And in case an incident arises, managed services providers will be able to restore business data and process with speed, in a timely manner, and ensuring data integrity.

24/7 Monitoring: 

Managed IT give businesses 24/7 access to highly experienced IT experts who are well-equipped to provide a broad range of services ranging from Help Desk support to network security management.

Advanced automated tools and systems used by IT experts will help to enable 24/7 monitoring and response. Other services that required 24/7 monitoring such as Infrastructure management, Cybersecurity protection, Network monitoring, disaster recovery, and many more are also available for businesses.

Security & Compliance:  

If a company is responsible for the storing of customers’ sensitive information such as medical profile, trading, and investment information, or handling customer financial transactions then their IT network system must be operated conforming to the security standard required by regulation.

Apparently, non-compliance or breach of IT network security may result in serious fines. Managed IT services providers offer a range of services from firewall management, security, and data encryption, and system attacks prevention, and vulnerability scanning to incident response, etc. to protect your business from any potential threats and unwanted intrusion complying with IT security criteria as required by law.

Reduced Downtime & Risk:

IT system failure might occur due to human errors, hardware breakdown, hacking from outside, natural disasters, etc. Experiencing downtime and not having any plan to restore business processes in a timely manner might hurt business financially as well as losing trust and business relationships from clients.


Outsourcing the monitoring and maintenance of a company IT system to a Managed service provider helps to reduce the risk of business downtime because any potential issues or threats to the IT system will be detected, and resolved before they can start causing harmful impact to the system.


Managed IT services offer businesses of all sizes an approach to stay up-to-date with technology in order to go on their business, without having to incur a huge, large upfront investment.

If your IT network system frequently experiences downtime or poor system performance, contact us today to learn how our team can help provide you with our expert IT managed service solution.