Industry Experience

With a focus on dominant industries and quick adoption of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to deliver value; faster, better, and more cost competitively. In a manner, which can significantly enhance the customer experience in a variety of business disciplines:

Network & Data Security
Media & Entertainment
Insurances & Banking


TP&P brings in the expertise from years of experience in healthcare IT consulting and development to help clients in the healthcare industry accomplishing their goals to save lives, improve human health. Employing software applications built specifically for health industry allows healthcare professionals to do their jobs more efficiently and easier.

In the recent years, we have provided hospitals, healthcare clinics, facilities and other organizations with software applications products to help them improve their healthcare platform and management system, giving better caring services to patients, at the same time reducing balance costs and improve outcomes.


There’s no one size fits all solution and many packaged software products have failed to address the niche requirements of healthcare professionals and their patients. TP&P offers custom-made software solution to specifically match with health care organization’s goals and designed to help end users (such as hospitals doctors, nurses and other employees etc.) perform and manage their tasks and schedule better, reducing time to perform tasks and simplifying the process.

Working closely with clients, TP&P’s team of technical experts will discuss and studies the specific healthcare business needs and even assist to improve client’s requirements. Based on such specific healthcare requirements, we shall provide the most suitable solution for improving and optimizing the health care organization’s processes and management system.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

With years of experience working on numerous projects in the healthcare industry, we have helped many clients by creating their system from scratch or perform upgrade and maintain of their existing system, adding new functionalities such as comprehensive patient profile and treatment plan, visual appointment system, employees time-shift management features etc. to improve service, as well as scalability to improve service and taking on new clients and patients.  Our final product is always of high quality meeting industry standard with pleasant UI/UX.

Mobile Applications for Hospital Staffs and Patients

In order to adapt to a mobile-first world and to enable healthcare professionals to do part of their jobs remotely, TP&P technology has built several mobile apps specifically for hospital staffs to streamline the treatment processes as well as for enhancement for better communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. Moreover, our mobile solutions allowed for care coordination with improved booking and contact functionalities, and visual data to improve tasks allocation, resources and staffs management.


As mentioned before, TP&P also offers maintenance service if your in-house system is in needs of such service. We help incorporate new functionalities, upgrade system for performance improvement and scalability, bugs fixing and many more.

Network & Data Security

Applying security techniques and best practice for software development is no longer a choice, but absolutely critical. With new technology (particularly mobile and web technologies) on the rise, applying and enforcing security measures for network system has become a major concern for almost all companies, especially commercial enterprises with large database of customers containing sensitive information. One common misconception is that potential security threats arise from networking layers and operating systems, but that is not true since most of the time, the security risks come from applications themselves.

No matter the industry and/or kind of software applications solution you are developing or planning to develop, many of the applications will likely contain sensitive user data that needs to be protected. In addition, with online and mobile payments on the rise, protecting customer data has become more important and relevant than ever before. Business or online/digital payment applications are special case that requires sophisticated encryption and security algorithms.

TP&P has a well-defined process to apply industry newest standard enabled such software applications to operate safe and securely, ensuring financial transactions to be carried out at highest level of encryption and security. We provide security solutions to help your business comply with regulatory standards and reduce or even avoid the cost of system downtime.

Media & Entertainment

Proven domain expertise, we have built media platforms from scratch for clients in the entertainment industry. TP&P provide experts solutions in customization and enhancement designed specifically for media clients such as streaming services, mobile media platforms and many more.

We have accumulated deep expertise in a variety of media and entertainment domains, including live streaming and on-demand, mobile video, as well as gaming platforms.

Our know-how was instrumental in helping clients ranging from leading brands to newly established companies in the entertainment industry to design, and deliver custom media and video platform products. We’ve had the privilege of working with prominent clients to build modern entertainment platforms from scratch, as well as revamp existing systems to enhance them in terms of UX, intellectual property protection and security and more.

Trusted by many companies in Vietnam as well as international market, throughout the years, we have helped numerous clients to create state-of-the-art solutions designed to help companies taking on and gaining market share.

Custom UI and UX Development

Leverage our expertise to build highly usable, professional-looking UIs for a variety of screens and devices (e.g. responsive web, mobile, smart TVs, and more.).

Insurances & Banking

TP&P has been providing custom software solutions and IT services specifically for banking/finance and insurance industry. We focus on improving the banking/finance operation process by simplifying the customer service practice, helping financial institutions serve their customers via online and mobile channels in order to attract and retain the most profitable clientele.

Whether you look to develop a platform-based or custom financial services software system, TP&P will meet your needs with our IT consulting services as well as implementation and many more.

Custom Finance Management System

Backed by years of experience in software development, TP&P will help client implement custom banking software specifically made for financial institutions. Our software solutions vary from basic to full-scale mobile banking apps and include all the necessary fundamental and advanced functionalities (e.g., personal finance management, reward program, personalized financial products offering, and many more).

Custom Lending/Insurance Platform

By creating a custom lending platforms, clients who are financial institutions operate in lending industry will be able to enjoy tremendous benefits by incorporating technology, such as:

  • Making well-informed decision: Providing customers with an online platform to enquire about different loan rates in order to make knowledge financing decision;
  • Digitizing lending process: custom platform allows customers to apply for loan package and/or financial services online instead of having to visit branch, this will help to reduce time and operation cost.
  • Custom mobile solution: mobile web-portal or mobile application to speed up the loan application submission and processing;
  • Paperwork process simplifying: Add convenience to lending services with e-signatures, and mobile notification tools.
  • Better management process: Create one comprehensive system of record management for your business operations.

Regulatory compliance

TP&P’s banking software solutions provided is guaranteed secure and encrypted connection ensuring customers’ sensitive information safely protected.