Software Development Services

Web Development Services

Web application development is one of the most required services in the business world. It provides various benefits for companies, from streamlining business processes to communication building.

Positioned as one of the leading software development company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, TP&P technology is amongst the top innovative web development companies focused on bringing value to your business by creating websites tailored to your specific business needs. Our development expertise lies in custom web application development, Ecommerce and CRM (Salesforce) integrations. Our specialty spans across various industry verticals including insurance, healthcare, finance and many more.

At TP&P, our web developers provide expert web application development and web design services which are: secure, stable, and allow access from anywhere at any time. We strive to deliver web experiences that are: high-performing, feature-packed and digitally transformative. In addition, our web development team at TP&P adhere to strict coding styles and user interfaces that are simple and user-friendly. We deliver rich internet applications by adapting to quality and new development methodology.

Why TP&P? Our web development methodology

Research and Consulting

To get started, our team at TP&P will consult with client to learn about their specific business needs and help provide the most suitable solution by choosing the right technology and architecture for the project. We will also carry out a thorough user experience research to ensure that the future web app accurately satisfy all the users’ requirement.

Through the consulting process, expert team at TP&P will help your business fully utilize the available resources for the project as well as avoiding unplanned cost, ensuring a cost and time efficient approach applied throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

Front-end development

After working with client to identify all the intended business requirements and specifications, our front-end team will carry out the design and coding process to build a secure, visually rich product that is  ensure to attract adoption, satisfaction and retainment of users.

Back-end development

TP&P’s team of engineers and project architect will design and build the back-end of your web application ensuring a high level performing product with essential app features as required by business. Especially, we provide a back-end system that is:

  • Robust and flexible to integrate with other systems and various third-party apps
  • Highly secure complying with security standard to protect users’ information and system data.
  • Enterprise scalability requirement for future growth.

QA and testing

Our QA experts and web testing team will participate in the project from day one so that clients can quickly introduce and incorporate features and make sure your web app runs smoothly across different browsers and devices screens.

TP&P testing team work well with other parties involved in the project to take a throughout assessment of project progress, plan and solve any potential problems efficiently, as well as providing suggestion to fix and quickly improve product quality. Through QA and testing, we aim to help client reduce development cost and speed up time-to-market

Deployment and Maintenance

Many businesses rely heavily on their websites system to operate their business. At TP&P, we help client perform web maintenance after by employing a dedicated pool of talented Web development team experienced in website maintenance services ensuring continuous business. A well-maintained website accessible 24/7 showcases your professionalism and credibility.

Web Technology

Front-end development:

Languages & Framework: HTML5, CSS, Java Script, Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS

Back-end development:

Languages: PHP, Python, .NET, Java, Javascript (NodeJS), Golang

Framework: WebAPI, .NET Core/4.0/5.0, Magento, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Axis, Axis2, Jasper report, CQ4/CQ5 CMS, Gin-gonic etc.

Database: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MSSQL, MongoDB, Redis

Mobile App Development Services 

Mobile technology and devices are being universal adopted. Companies are taking advantage of these platforms to reach their customers and improve their business operations.

Mobile apps enhance brand awareness and create a direct marketing channel where you can provide all necessary information. Moreover, mobile applications allow companies to engage with their customers in real-time, by location, complete with profile information. Mobile apps make it simpler for your customers to get in touch with companies from anywhere at any time. By deploying a business focused mobile app, companies lay the foundation for greater profits.


Over the past few years, TP&P has successfully carried out numerous mobile application development projects, providing consulting and custom development services for different platforms and various industries. At TP&P we create mobile apps which continually promote your business, enhance information flow, and increase business performance.

Our advantages:

  • Agile, cost and time saving development methods

    Mobile application development is a difficult and complex process which requires extensive resources. The mobile application itself is a product of many hours of work done by specialists from different fields. More importantly – it requires skillful project management, long hours of communication and discussion between clients and the development team, between participants of the project and team leaders, and team-work among developers themselves.

    TP&P applies Agile methodology for our mobile app development process as it is one of the most effective approaches to the business software development, help reducing time and development cost. Agile methodology allows the ease of work co-ordination among specialists and developers belonged in the same or different team, as well as the seamless, continuous communication between mobile development team and the client. This will lead to speed up of process and ensure on-time delivery of product.


TP&P mobile development team comprises of numerous expert in mobile technology including experienced mobile app developers, team of talented UI/UX designers, business analysts, and seasoned back-end developers.

  • Experienced usability and UX team & experienced mobile app interface designers:

Great product design creates a user experience that enhance customers’ relationship with company business and brand. If targeted product users find it difficult to navigate the app and don’t understand the design, it might be a failure leading to abandonment of app. Our goal for design is to create an experience that provides both utility and delight. 

To come up with the beautiful designs and turns ideas into real product, our team works closely with clients to understand their ideas, taking the initial concept and merging it with everything we know about mobile. TP&P team of excellent mobile app interface designers make visually stunning and easy to use product.

In order to attract and retain users by getting them to use the app on a frequent basis every day, the UI design of a mobile app should be beautiful, simple and provide all the necessary functions and information to allow users navigate the app easily. In addition to a visually beautiful and easy to navigate interface, the design also needs to guarantee not affecting the performance of the app and render beautifully regardless of different screen sizes/resolution and OS versions. Our creative and passionate mobile design team who are responsible for such tasks commit to make the best design app meeting all of your expectations.

  • Experienced mobile app developers:

iOS developers

At TP&P, our iOS app developers are highly experienced and have participated in many app development project from start to finish. All developers are well-versed in both Objective-C and Swift as well as able to use all the tools and associated frameworks. Our team creates high-quality iPhone and iPad apps that will have no trouble getting published on App store. 

Android developers

Our Android app developers keep up with the most update technology and develop Android apps not only on Java, but also on Kotlin. Our mobile developer team leverage the latest Android SDK version, together with Eclipse IDE, as well as other tools, framework and available APIs to provide client with the best android app ensuring high level performance and pleasant user experience across all Android devices.

Cross platform app developers 

In addition to iOS or Android app development, TP&P also possess the experience and capacity to build cross-platform hybrid apps that can run across all mobile platforms. While there are specific ideas and special business needs that require native apps to be built for either iOS/ Android or both, we always seek to leverage the newest cross-platform technology and frameworks such as Flutter, React Native and Xamarin when appropriate to help companies justify their investment in cross-platform as well as improving Return on Investment (ROI). TP&P helps deliver the same pleasant experience for app users of hybrid app just like any other native app. 

QA and mobile testing team  

TP&P recognize QA and testing as a greatly important process that need to be implemented in every mobile app development project we take on.

As a part of the whole testing process, our mobile testing team will perform: 

Functionality testing: ensure your mobile app incorporated all the intended functions and meet users’ needs. 

Performance testing: our team perform stress/load testing etc. ensuring your app is fast to load, running error-free and satisfy scalability requirement (for mobile app catering to large number of users) 

Usability and UX testing: to ensure that the product has a user-friendly UI, and include all the essential key functions and pleasant UX, improving positive user experience. 


Our mobile testing team members will be involved from day one to make sure your mobile app is error-free, secure, efficient and ready to launch.

  • Coding Guidelines and Standards

Our successful iOS/Android development team knows the expansive list of effective open source libraries that can speed up the development process and knows when and how to leverage them. 

We apply the guidelines and best practice for mobile app development to bring to life a product that is fast to load, resources efficient, highly secure to comply with mobile security standards, and overall a high quality product.

  • Using the most up-to-date and emerging technology

TP&P’s mobile app developers keep up to date with the top of emerging technology trends in software development and architecture, working closely with clients to help build best of class quality apps that will help business attract and grow their user base with increasing number of apps download. 

Quality is our number one priority and we commit to that by staying on top of the constantly changing mobile landscape makes it essential for our mobile developers to leverage as much reusable work as possible. We maintain and apply the newest best practices with regard to iOS and Android applications development as well as other open source frameworks and libraries. This enable our team not only to choose the most suitable technology for the project, but also understand how to apply it best and in the most efficient way possible. 

Cost-effective solution

TP&P designs and implements cost-effective mobile solutions, with a goal to help businesses fully capitalize their resources achieving maximum returns, by bringing in new revenues, increase productivity, and many more.

We understand that cost is one of the most important factors when it comes to making decision of outsourcing the building of mobile application. TP&P maintains a transparent pricing principle throughout the entire project helping client optimize costs and improve efficiency.

With many years of experience building quality mobile applications for organization across industry, we provide services and advise a broad range of our clients on the best solution that is most suitable for their budgets and specific needs.

Our Software Development Services portfolio includes:

  • Custom Mobile app development: defining, designing, and building mobile applications tailored to meet your business requirements.
  • Testing and Automation Test Development: ensuring the quality of your app and allowing the customer to reduce the cost and speed up the time.


Front end:

  • Frameworks: React Native, Flutter
  • Languages: Objective-C, Java, Swift, Kotlin


  • Server: NGINX
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Hosting: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Heroku
  • Configuration: Docker, Kubernetes