Lab Sensor (T-Tracks system) - Real Time Tracking Solutions for Healthcare Material
  • Automated solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Healthcare Materials when In-Transit or at Labs
  • Cost effective method to monitor temperature of healthcare materials through mobile application by utilizing wireless NIST calibrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and advanced powerful cloud computing to continuously record conditions and provide real-time information on .
  • Instant notification about information of healthcare assets, to help customers monitor, and respond to ensure items are stored properly in the right conditions, time and place as required.
  • Make use of standard Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices (as well as a proprietary data bridge) to receive data from sensors and communicate with a versatile back-end analytics engine.

Main Features

  • Real-time data: Clinical labs can then act on Real-Time data, in-field conditions of their sample transportation so that they can take quick action for correction, should any issues arise;
  • Labotory staffs are also able to locate the exact location of healthcare material to prevent any loss, ensuring courier compliance;
  • Centralized Admin: Assures regulatory Compliance and Reduces Errors. Set alerts, schedules, temperature profiles, pickup and delivery confirmations, and more. No user, courier or site interaction required.
  • Analytics and Alerts: from data provided, labs can learn how their sample container respond to varying environmental conditions as well as set up Smart Alerts to allow couriers to take corrective actions when containers are outside acceptable ranges.
  • Monitoring: Provide Laboratories the ability to monitor a sample storage container that is either on-site or in-transit, to ensure the sample has been stored at the proper conditions according to requirements.

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App Features

Lab Sensor

Healthcare Data Analytics

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Error Reduction
Real-time data generated through smart devices not only help to support decision making, but also ensure efficient healthcare operations with reduction in errors, waste and system costs. Furthermore, contamination of sample is among the major concerns for laboratory staffs. Sensor-enabled devices help to monitor and make sure healthcare assets including sample is stored in proper condition of humidity and temperature control.
Cost Reduction
Our custom healthcare applications help healthcare staffs monitoring healthcare materials in real-time, thus considerably reduce potential costs incurred due to lab works and re-admissions;
Regulatory compliance
Management of healthcare materials, including laboratory samples, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, clinical trial materials, whole blood, plasma, analyzer reagents and more is a major challenge in a healthcare industry. Through sensor-enabled connected devices, these are managed and utilized properly with reduced costs.
Healthcare Assets Management
Apart from monitoring healthcare assets conditions, there are many other areas where sensor-enabled devices are very useful in healthcare operations. Sensors enabled mobile apps can be used for tracking real time location of medical equipments as well as other environment monitoring. Deployment of healthcare staffs at in-field locations can also be analyzed real time.