Orb Health - Collaborative Healthcare Platform & Management Solutions
  • Healthcare platform that allows practices to effectively deliver care plans to their patients without adding overhead by virtually extending care capacity; Providing a smooth collaboration process between care teams across healthcare organization.
  • Highly scalable solution, accommodating large number of user requests;
  • Cost effective to deploy and monitor;

Main Features

Patient Profile

    • Managers can now search and access patients’ profile under their practice.
    • Providers can search and access patients under their care team.
    • Patient profile integrates personal information and health care records.

Engagement and Clinical Care Plan for Patients

    • Doctors and care staffs create and maintain care plan for patients under their care team.
    • Notifications are sent to patients to remind for medication and care activities based on the defined schedule from care plan.

Time Tracking and Billing

    • Providers can track their spent time for serving patients under their care team.
    • Doctors will be able to approve time entries and send the billing to an outside insurance system.

Chat with Care Team

    • Patient and care team can communicate together through chat tool.
    • Email and alert notifications will be sent for unread messages if patients are not online to receive new messages.

Orb Health

Collaborative Healthcare Platform & Management Solutions

App Features

Patient's Care Plan

WHY US for Your Custom Healthcare Software Solution?

With our experience, we can build a customized business management system according to your business requirements. Here’s some of the features we can create that will help drive users to your platform:

Custom Software Development for Healthcare
Every single healthcare business is different with unique business needs. We help healthcare organizations building custom software solutions from scratch to cover all your specific healthcare business requirements.

Our team of IT professionals will closely work with the healthcare providers staffs who are the intended end users to conduct research and identify users' needs to ensure the software solutions delivered function as expected with aesthetic.
Quality and Reliable
At TP&P Technology we place a great importance on quality: throughout the project timelines from requirements gathering to design and implementation.
We perform thorough testing to ensure that your application operates as intended without any bugs and errors.
Experience in the US healthcare industry
TP&P Technology have worked with several clients who are in the healthcare industry in the US market for years. Orb Health is one of them with operations providing chronic care for thousands of patients on a monthly basis. We have created customized versions and improved functionality for a number of the company’s products. Our team also helped create mobile applications to help hospital and healthcare staffs manage patient and medication information. Allowing a better way to communicate and produce medical reporting as well as consolidate data in one central place.
Effective costs
Our custom healthcare solution is highly scalable for business expansion, and also very cost effective to deploy and monitor.

With a capacity to handle large number of requests fast and of high level performance.