Software Development Services

Software Testing

Software Testing is one of TP&P's core services. It is key requirement in the effective implementation of software applications and products. Using TP&P as a testing partner will lower maintenance cost, increase accurate results, and enhance reliability.  By giving the QA the emphasis it deserves, projects will achieve a higher level of  success. 

At TP&P, we strive to ensure that ideas come to life; just like you had imagined,  with the  highest quality,  bug free, and a seamless end user experience. Our team of Software testers put products through a comprehensive professional testing process. You can be sure that your software application or product will be tested thoroughly for all the possible vulnerabilities on time and within the available budget.

Our Software Testing portfolio includes:

  • Functional Testing:

    In order to assure that the end product of the software development process operates as intended, it is necessary to incorporate testing into the development process.

    TP&P provides functional testing services to guarantee that your software application performs as expected, conforming to all functional requirements and business needs. At TP&P, we focus on testing the applications in response to defined specifications and meeting the end user requirements for functionality. Our team engage with clients at the beginning stage of the development lifecycle to incorporate the testing objectives and plan to match with the client overall project goal.

    With functional testing, we provide both manual and automated testing services according to client’s particular project requirements. TP&P will work closely with client to engineer for an optimal approach to the functional testing process in your project.

    In addition, TP&P’s testing engineers always keep up-to-date with new technology to fully utilize industry latest test techniques, in order to carry out the optimized testing process and ensuring functional coverage. 

  • Automation Testing:

    The clear benefits of test automation is to speed up and increase test coverage for software applications of large database. This is because when carrying out manual testing, especially with project of developing applications involved large data and/or require large number of test cases, human will be prone to cause error and usually taking longer time to fully cover all the test case leading to delay of software releases.

    Test automation when implemented correctly will reduce testing time and effort as well as testing costs. In addition, test automation provides for parallel testing, when the same scripts can be run across multiple devices, platforms, operating systems and/or browsers simultaneously. This will enable developers to deliver the final software product faster ensuring quality, reducing time to market.

    With many years of experience in providing test automation services, TP&P commits to help clients to thoroughly test their software applications and make sure clients fully receive all the benefits as mentioned.

  • Load and Performance Testing:

    Load testing

    We perform load testing by varying the load requests sent to your system to verify how the system behave handling the various number of connections during a certain timeframe. Our load testing service also covers system bottlenecks testing to identify which part of the system is the root cause.

    Stress testing

    Our team carry out stress testing to find the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load, how the system will operate if the testing load goes above the maximum level.

    Scalability testing

    TP&P provide scalability testing to clients as a way to plan for future growth, and also to help identify the level of enterprise scalability that a system can handle. Our testing team carry out by gradually applying loads to the system measure the level of the scalability. We analyze the results to help client improve and upgrade system for scalability requirement. 

    Stability testing

    TP&P’s testing team perform test to ensure if client’s system can remain stable over a certain time frame required. This will help prepare for downtime analysis and risk control as well as having a backup plan in place.

    Security testing

    To prevent your network system from possible attacks and becoming a target of malicious activities and TP&P’s team offers penetration testing services based on a custom plan of a multistep attack that targets custom network infrastructure and applications. This will help strengthen security measures against many types of hacking activities and attacks.

Mobile application testing


TP&P’s mobile testing team can check your mobile application to help ensure your app is complete with all the essential functions, error-free, bugs-free and ready to be safely launched.  Our mobile testing services include functionalities testing and other related aspects including app performance testing, devices compatibility, app security and compliance testing as well as external factors such as mobile technology affecting app performance (e.g. network connections, and phone calls interruption etc.)

Web application testing

We check to make sure your web applications operate smoothly across browsers and devices as expected. Our experienced QA and testing team check the application functions and evaluate its interface with different web browsers to provide client with high quality application compatible with multi browsers. In addition, our web testing service also cover other important areas such as performance, security compliance to protect users’ sensitive information. We strive to assure clients have an error free web product to release to market, so their end-users won’t encounter any issues.

Why choose TP&P technology for your software testing/QA requirement?

Team of experienced QA professionals

  • TP&P team of QA experts and testers possess the experience and necessary skills and expertise in software testing together with knowledge of industry specifics.
  • We work closely with clients to clarify requirements and establish a clear testing processes.
  • Independent QA and testing team to objectively and thoroughly carry out the testing processes finding potential bugs and errors quicker and better.
  • Tailored testing services according to client’s project requirement and scale.

Broad industry knowledge

  • Our QA and testing team made up of professionals tester and QA with relevant experience working in various industry including healthcare, banking and financial services, media and entertainment or other industry. With every project, we make sure to have specialist with relevant industry experience working on it.

Our QA and Testing Methodology

  • TP&P’s testing team will work closely with client to identify project requirements.
  • Testing team will cooperate with project team to formulate testing plan and established testing processes with a clear define condition enable testers to act accordingly.
  • Testing team develop test cases and test suites from ideas.
  • Run test cases and update developers on errors and bugs in a systematic way.
  • TP&P testing team provide client testing reports with detailed analysis and results as well as finding on software application quality throughout the given cycle.

Additionally, for each project, we create test documentation to ensure a systematic approach and complete test coverage as well as project activities status tracking. Our QA and testers apply proven testing techniques, tools and methodologies to thoroughly carry out various types of testing to meet your expectations.