In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, technology is accelerating at an unprecedentedly high speed. Whether they are willing or not, business owners are forced to make a critical decision - digitally transforming their businesses to keep their business running during this difficult time.

But as Winston Churchill said, “never waste a good crisis,” so now let’s look at how COVID-19 impacted the three notable digital transformation trends in 2020 and 2021.

Pushing 5G Forward 

If one year ago, people demanded faster connectivity for both work and entertainment purposes, then now the COVID-19 only amplifies the calls since office workers had to leave their offices, places with well-connected areas for at-home offices that might be in sprawling suburbs. All of us need a better internet connection to be able to work effectively. 


Many telecommunications companies are on their way to deliver their 5G implementation goals to answer people’s calls. Verizon Communications Inc, an American multinational telecoms conglomerate, has recently announced several new 5G milestones such as virtual labs to accelerate the development of 5G solutions and applications for businesses and government agencies; 5G Ultra Wideband is now available in San Diego, partnerships enhancing the 5G mobile experiences, etc. 

It is believed that this new generation of mobile networks will be the catalyst adding trillions to the global economy by 2023. And of course, just like how 4G has replaced 3G, 5G could replace 4G LTE networks. It could also replace Ethernet and Wifi, according to the experts.

Erik Simonsson, head of Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory, stated, “Our fast and secure 5G connectivity enables the smart factory with agile operations and flexible production, utilizing industrial solutions such as automated warehouses, automated assembly, packing, product handling, and autonomous cars.

Wifi 6 

Same as 5G, Wifi 6 is expected to deliver faster internet traffic. Wifi is expanding into the 6GHz band. One of the outstanding advantages of Wifi 6 is the low battery consumption in its devices while delivering up to 40 percent higher peak data rates. Its data transferring speeds will be 12 gigabytes per second.

Besides, Wifi 6 will have a significant impact on IoT. Tom Soderstrom, an IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at NASA, believed that Wifi 6 is built for IoT. 

Any device from household appliances, mobile, and laptops to public utilities will benefit from it. IoT will see the advantage immediately because it can handle more traffic. Nowadays, most of us possess at least two smart devices: a mobile phone and a laptop; some households even have multiple smart devices at their homes. IoT needs a strong wireless fidelity and a compatible router to be able to handle it.

AI and Machine Learning 

Data is a valuable resource helping determine the success of one business. But data without being analyzed, it remains useless. AI and Machine Learning have contributed significantly to the success of companies around the world, as businesses turned to technology to gain competitive advantages for a high-prestige. 

Since AI and Machine Learning mimics human’s skills and intelligence, they bring multiple benefits. If AI combines with Big Data, it will produce smarter applications. For example, it can ingest, digest, and analyze more data. At the same time, we will generate more data by connecting more devices to the internet, thanks to Wifi 6 and 5G. 

More languages and images will be input into our devices, computer capabilities (like speech and image recognition) will be improved, and machines can learn more.

With AI, we can get answers about inventory, sales, customer experience immediately. Computers can learn and discover more information that you think you never thought to ask and offer a narrative summary for you if you ever ask. They can also share information and recommend related answers to anyone else who asks the same questions.

AI and Machine Learning has been and will have been playing an essential role in almost industry. The most obvious one is the healthcare sector. 


These are the most three significant digital transformation trends that we have synthesized. The fact that we are evolving non-stop toward technology is undeniable. Million of companies are eager to go through the digital transformation process. Still, the percentage of those who are truly successful is relatively low, and the investment budget costs them an arm and a leg. 

At TP&P Technology, we can help you to do that at a reasonable price. 

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