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Our Main Services

Intelligent Automation Consulting

TP&P Technology offers end-to-end RPA implementation, from consulting and interviews to technical assessments, to identify key problems that can be solved through automation, and define a roadmap to help clients to execute their automation journey.

All so that customers can digitize and optimize their process, automate repetitive tasks that are not value-added - where machines and bots can do a better job on a 24/7 basis.

Intelligent Automation - Process Design

After the initial assessment and identification of automation opportunities, our team will review your existing process and design the automation strategy to re-engineer the process for automation and deployment.

We will determine the state of the process, and select the appropriate technology, skills requirements in order to achieve an optimal outcome, resulting in a practical business use case for the adoption of RPA technologies and automation.

Intelligent Automation - Training & Adoption

Automation is an essential component to ensure the success of digital transformation. We provide post-live support and training to help ensure RPA adoptions by your staff across business units.

We also apply our best practices to eliminate and reduce technical risks as well as improve RPA opportunities discovery while helping your team familiarising with bots and stay up to date with the latest RPA tools.

End-to-end RPA solution

In the era of digital transformation, business organizations constantly seek to innovate in order to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. TP&P Technology offers RPA solutions to help organizations digitize and automate a variety of mundane and manual tasks, through the leverage of RPA and/or AI technology.

Our team of certified RPA specialists will work closely with you to help assess the current situation and implement automation across a wide range of functions of your business. We deliver measurable results and equip your business with a sustainable model that is scalable for future expansion.

No matter the industry, successful RPA implementations require a strong team of seasoned IT professionals and RPA specialists, who can evaluate and analyze the current business processes to identify automation opportunities, as well as developers and AI engineers who are experienced in business systems integration.

Our team will assist you to execute RPA implementations, modernizing legacy applications, and integrate with the existing IT system, establishing an RPA architecture for across business.

Benefits & Industries

There are many benefits and reasons why people choose to impelent RPA

Industries & Functions
Manufacturing: Businesses in the manufacturing industries that implement and integrate RPA with their existing ERP system can automate a range of tasks such as order processing, payroll, and HR, etc. which ultimately reduce overheads and enhance efficiencies.
Finance & Banking: Financial institutions and banks can optimize their verification process through the adoption of validation and verification bots, which helps to decrease the investigation time. In comparison to a human counterpart, bots can be run 24/7 365 days a year during the weekend which is a significant productivity improvement for organizations in banking and finance.

We develop and test automation bots to ensure accuracy of performance.

Benefits of implementing RPA
  • Cost Saving
  • Improve productivity
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Quality