SCM | A Comprehensive Supply Chain Management Solution

Main Features

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)
We provide you with a WMS solution that will allow you to have an in-depth view of all areas of your project resource management needs. You can effectively monitor, manage, control and allocate resources of specific timeframes, multiple-assignments, and day-to-day operations in a warehouse environment.
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Yard Management Software (YMS)
We develop the leading Yard Management Software that allows you to facilitate the management of trucks, trailers pallets, and personnel in the yard, warehouse or fulfillment center.
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Transport management software (TMS)
Transport management software (TMS) is a part of supply chain management regarding transportation operations for businesses and sometimes encapsulate with ERP. Areas that need TMS are procurement, shipping, route planning and optimization, load building, operations, audits, payments, management of yards, carrier management.
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Order Management Software (OMS)
Our Order Management Software (OMS) allows you to synchronize your relevant data into one system to avoid errors like double orders and to manage inventory, supplier, and customer information. You can access all information related to order, like location, routes, prices, warehouse connectivity, invoices, payments, etc. We also provide extra features like multi-currency options based on your needs.

Custom Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solution

By leveraging innovative technologies with deep business expertise, our SCM solution is created to help business organizations to optimize the traditional supply chain, and enhance management process.

Electronic Data Interchange (SCS-EDI)

Integrated with the world largest retailer such as Amazon, eBay, etc, and Enterprise ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, or SMB ERP such as Odoo, GP, Microsoft Dynamic and can be integrated easily with many other systems and trading partners.

Our solution helps you in cost-savings and business-growing by reducing unnecessary labor costs and improving efficiency. This will lead to improvements in customer service, reducing inventory, and so on. 

Transportation Broker Platform

Integrated with more than 40 logistic and transportation companies with millions of trucks available to server the specific need

Customer portal

Helps the customers to monitor their business operations at the logistics company, result in improvements and simplifying of processes. Our solution allow for achieving of better efficiency and eliminate non-value-added activities.

Our Capacity

Why TP&P Technology 

With a team of experienced IT professionals dedicates to developing fleet management solutions that enable our clients to automate and simplify their daily freight operations activities, help businesses saving time, reducing overhead, and ultimately enhance business value. Additionally, our custom made logistics software will allow businesses to handle and optimize other kinds of warehouse management and logistics operations, reducing fleet management expenses.

We’re creating a more connected, collaborative supply chain.