Software Testing & QA Services

We know there is nothing worse than some unexpected error ruining your perfectly designed software, resulting in a fallout that can cost you hard-won users and profits. Experiencing critical bugs, regardless of origin, can and will translate into lost business opportunities. With this understanding, we utilize our storied expertise in full lifecycle testing and QA as a core service. With TP&P Technology as your Vietnam software testing partner, we will assist you in achieving lower overall maintenance costs, increased feature-to-spec accuracy, and enhanced service reliability, resulting in a better experience for your users and operational stakeholders.

Our Software Testing portfolio

Unit Testing

We take great care in ensuring 100% of the code in your project is tested. Every software module and every service interface is comprehensively tested to ensure expected behaviours and no unintended actions/events take place.

With thousands upon thousands of hours spent in building the perfect user interface, we know what it takes to ensure that our partners have the most cutting-edge designs that are user-intuitive and friendly regardless of the device or screen size. It will be fast, responsive, and all to show the benefits for your platform and enhance customer retention.

We provide functional testing services to guarantee that your software projects perform as expected, conforming to all functional requirements as well as the demands of your clients/customers. We focus on testing an application in response to well-defined specifications, along with meeting the end user requirements for functionality. Our team will engage with your team from the beginning of your development lifecycle in order to incorporate all testing objectives, and work together with you to combine the development goals with a comprehensive testing plan.

Our functional testing strategies provide for both manual and automated testing services according to your needs and specific requirements, and we work closely with you to co-create the most optimal approach to ensure your projects are running smoothly when they face your intended end users.

We take great care in certifying our testing engineers, making sure they are always up-to-date with new technologies and development trends in order to ensure an optimized testing process with full functional coverage. Whether it's designing cutting-edge or legacy software, we conform to your development cycle and seamlessly introduce our testing strategies and processes.

Load and Performance Testing

In a world that has become used to the instant responsiveness of applications and services, application load time and time to first response has become more critical than ever to a successful product experience. Combined with the need to ensure that there is no, or minimal, downtime to avoid unhappy users, a stable and consistent performance able to cope with heavy loads could mean the difference between life or death for your business. For this reason, we have become experts in load testing to make sure your services can keep up with your growth.

Stress testing

Our team carries out stress testing to find the maximum operating capacity the system can handle and determine how the system will operate if the testing load goes above the maximum capacity.

Scalability testing

We perform scalability testing as a way to ensure your system is capable of handling real-world utilization growth scenarios, and to also help identify the level of enterprise scalability that your system can handle. Our testing team carry this out by gradually applying increasing loads on the system so that we can measure the true level of scalability. We analyze the results and work with you to ensure an appropriate plan is in place to improve and upgrade your system to meet your future needs.

Stability testing

Our testing team carries out stability testing to ensure your system can remain stable over whatever your required time frame is. This will help in preparation for any potential downtime analysis and risk control, whilst giving ample time to ensure a backup plan is in place should something happen to the system.

Security testing

Cybersecurity threats are one of the biggest dangers to a company in today's world, with all kinds of malicious software waiting to hold your products to ransom. Now more than ever it is important to ensure you have appropriate countermeasures and security in place to deter and protect from becoming a target of malicious activities. This is why we have invested in being fully capable of providing penetration testing services, based on a customized plan of a multistep attack that targets custom network infrastructure and applications. Doing this will help you move towards strengthening your security measures as we seek out any vulnerabilities in your system in order to future proof against numerous types of malicious attacks.

Web application testing

We ensure that your web applications operate smoothly across all browsers and devices as expected. Our experienced QA and testing team will check the application functions, and evaluate its interface with different web browsers to provide you with the highest quality product that's compatible with a broad range of browsers.

Additionally, our web testing service covers other vital areas including essential performance and security compliance to protect users’ sensitive information. We strive to ensure that you release an error free web product onto the market, allowing your end-users to have positive and meaningful experiences.

Mobile application testing

Our mobile testing team is fully capable of testing your mobile applications to ensure it's complete with all essential functions, free of errors and bugs, and ready to be launched without a hitch. Our mobile testing services include functionality testing ranging from app performance, device compatibility, app security and compliance testing. We will also test for external factors such as various device classes, which can affect app performance, network and connectivity conditions, phone call interruption, etc.

Why we are your best choice for Testing & QA

We’ve delivered advanced testing solutions with some well known brands. Let us put that experience to use as you seek to deliver amazing products to your customers.

Team of Seasoned Testing & QA Professionals
We’ve grown a team with solid Testing & QA experience in Vietnam in order to meet the difficult requirements you may face when taking in-demand solutions and services to market. With us as your partner, you’ll immediately benefit from this experience along with the insights we’ve gained over years of delivering excellence to users.
Broad Industry Knowledge
We understand how difficult it is to find a QA team that meets your expectations. Every industry has its own particular set of requirements, whether they're in place as legal requirements or even as International (ISO) Standards. This is where we thrive! Our team is comprised of the best IT talents in Vietnam, handpicked from a wealth of different industries, offering you industry-specific knowledge that leaves you free to focus on building your amazing products.

Our QA and Testing Methodology

Our testing team will:

  • Cooperate with your project team to formulate a testing plan and establish the testing processes with clearly defined conditions to allow testers to act accordingly;
  • Develop test cases and testing suites from concepts;
  • Run test cases and update your team on any errors or bugs in a systematic way;
  • Provide testing reports with detailed analysis and results, along with any findings on the quality of the project throughout the predefined cycle;