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TP&P Technology is one of the top innovative custom mobile application development outsourcing companies in Ho Chi Minh City, the silicon valley of Vietnam. With expertise in both native (iOS & Android) and cross-platform technologies, we offer the mobile app development services that are balanced among price, quality standards, and project requirements.

We strive to provide the solution that is best suitable for our clients’ particular business needs!

With mobile technology and devices are being increasingly and universally adopted, why not take advantage of TP&P Technology's expertise in custom mobile app development today to build your desired mobile app, reaching more customers and improve your business operations.


Experienced UI/UX Team & Seasoned Mobile App Interface Designers

 A well designed mobile app creates a positive user experience that enhances an end users' relationship with your business and brand. If your targeted audience finds it difficult to navigate the app and considers its design confusing, it may not only cost you customers old and new, but also lead to a complete loss of investment in the venture or project. With us, you will find our goal for design is to create an experience that provides a pleasant, fully functional, and complete journey, leaving a positive mobile app impression on your end users.

 To create such appealing designs and turn them into a fully functioning mobile application, our team will work closely with you to understand the concepts that ideas that underly your value proposition and translate these into an amazingly simple app using experience. We will then take the initial concept, merge it with everything we've learnt when it comes to designing an awesome app experience and present to you an easy to use mobile app product, with appealing designs and features as per your specifications.

 We have learnt that the best way to keep your users coming back to your app on a frequent basis is to ensure that the user interface design is simple and clean, whilst also providing visuals and application flows that allow the user to associate your brand with the pleasing and functional experience provided by the mobile app. Of course, the appeal of the app product must not override the importance of the performance capabilities of the app.

 Whilst mobile devices hardware is becoming more and more powerful, it is still a factor to be taken into consideration in the specifications of a project as devices vary greatly. Our team of creative and passionate people will happily take on the responsibility of ensuring a perfect balance struck between form and function, enabling you to ship the best looking and most well performing mobile application possible, meeting and surpassing your expectation.

Experienced Mobile App Developers

 IOS App Developers
Our team of iOS mobile app developers, together with other IT professionals located internationally and in Vietnam, are highly experienced and proficient, having participated in many development projects from start to finish. They are well-versed in both Objective-C and Swift and comfortable working with all tools and associated frameworks. Our iOS app developers are well-versed in:
  • Frameworks: Objective-C & Swift
  • Tools: Apple’s XCode IDE, UIKit and Cocoa Touch, and other Third parties
  • Others: In-app purchase and APNS integration; Apple Human Interface Guidelines and OpenGL, iOS graphics APIs
Our team creates only the highest-quality iPhone and iPad apps that will be smoothly published on the Apple App Store.

 Android App Developers
Android is the leading mobile OS worldwide, with the largest market-share having more users than any other mobile OS. In order to reach and cater to the larger audience, it's important that businesses consider having their Android app developed. Our Android mobile app developers stay up to date on the latest developments and technologies with the OS and develop Android apps on both Java and Kotlin.

Our Android mobile app development team leverages the latest Android Studio & Android SDK versions, together with Eclipse IDE, as well as other tools, frameworks and available libraries and APIs to provide you with the highest performing Android apps packaged in a pleasant user experience regardless of the end user's device.

We deliver end-to-end and customized Android mobile app solutions with unique features that add value and drive business growth. Benefits of employing Android app development services from TP&P Technology in Vietnam:
  • Team of experts Android developers
  • Specialists in mobile app design: Experts in UI/UX for wire-framing, prototype, research, and implementing your mobile design.
  • Cloud & infrastructure: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud & DevOps; Mobile app testing (QA/QC) and project manager
Why choose us for your Mobile App Development Services?
Coding Guidelines and Standards
Our successful iOS/Android development teams are intimately familiar with the expansive list of effective frameworks and libraries that can speed up the app development process and know when and how to leverage them for the best results.

We apply industry-leading guidelines and best practices for mobile app development, allowing us to bring to life a mobile product that is fast to load, utilizes resources efficiently, compliant with mobile security standards, and overall a mobile app of the highest quality.
Using the most up-to-date and emerging technology
As a leading custom mobile app development company in Vietnam, our app developers take pride in keeping up to date with the cutting-edge of emerging technology trends in mobile app development and architecture, allowing us to work closely with you in helping to build world-leading apps that will grow your install base of users.

Quality is our number one priority, and we commit to that by staying on top of the ever-changing mobile landscape. We maintain and apply the newest best practices with iOS and Android application development as well as other frameworks and libraries including open
Cost-effective solutions
We design and implement cost-effective mobile application solutions, with the aim of helping you to fully capitalize on your resources to achieve maximum returns, whether it be by opening up new revenue streams, increasing your current productivity with a solution. or countless other possibilities.

We understand that cost is one of the most important factors when it comes to the decision of outsourcing the development of a mobile application project. This is why we maintain a transparent pricing principle throughout the entire app development project, helping you to optimize costs and improve your budget forecasts. See more