Artificial Intelligence 
& Machine Learning 



Leveraging the skills of our teams and their technical expertise, to create cutting-edge & intelligent solutions to solve your business challenges.

Recommendation Systems

A recommendation system has the ability to provide countless benefits to companies by recommending products to your users that they may find essential and are more likely to purchase based on past habits. For you, this can translate into greater sales/profits as your users will be buying things in addition to what they originally sought. We help to develop and implement content-based filtering, collaborative filltering or even hybrid recommender systems according to your unique business requirements in E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment, and various other industries where they can be of most use.

AI - Powered Chat bots

Our team of skilled Machine Learning engineers in Vietnam are able to assist you in the development and training of intelligent chatbots that can allow you to provide 24/7 online customer service in a personalized and “smart” way. The chatbots we create are able to handle a variety of different services from feedback, complaint management, bookings, looking up and providing relevant information, and so on. We can help you develop a personalized chatbot with the skills necessary to function according to your industry verticals whether it be Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Travel & Hospitality, or others.

Predictive Analytics

Our specialists apply various advanced machine learning techniques and statistical models that analyze past data to make calculated forecasts and respond to possible future changes.

Predictive analytics can let you increase opportunities by assisting in reducing risks, increase efficiencies, and allow for more effective planning.

Many businesses have successfully employed data analytics in helping them on pricing future products, foreseeing trends, maintaining inventory, etc.

Natural Language Processing

We use Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to find out what your users are communicating to your chatbot, and/or establish what they think about your products, or how they view your business in order to provide responses that can be tailored to your ever-changing needs.

Business Intelligence

By applying breakthroughs in technology with machine learning and data management, your business team will be able to automate and improve their decision making flows and help reduce foreseeable business risks, which will allow you to make better informed business decisions

AI and Machine Learning Development & Consulting Company in Vietnam.

TP&P Technology – a leading Solutions and Software Development Company in Vietnam – specializes in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) based enterprise technology solutions.

We leverage cutting-edge AI-driven solutions to optimize and enhance business operations.

Being headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – with representative offices in Singapore and the US, TP&P Technology offers a wide range of technical expertise spanning across the areas of machine learning, deep learning, classification tools, data analytics, image processing and more.

As a leading AI development company in Vietnam, we have a strong team of Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, and software developers possess solid, and deep technical knowledge of the most advanced Machine Learning (ML), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Big Data tool-sets to help tackle your business challenges when it comes to AI & ML based solutions development requirements. In particular, our AI (Artificial Intelligence) development services will help empowered business applications for better and informed decision making, automate business process, and anomaly detection.

Our AI and Machine Learning Consulting & Development team works with a focus on using Machine Learning and Data Science to help you in solving unique business challenges in a range of industries, such as Healthcare, Finance, and Trading & Investment. We work as an extension of your team and find joy in tackling the most difficult situations, supporting you in delivering innovation faster, whilst creating awesome user experiences.


AI & Machine Learning technology has already been applied to improve business processes in a number of industries, with the list steadily growing. The implementation of AI within your organization will undoubtedly provide the same benefits.

We assist Financial Institutions and investors in gathering insights from business data to make efficient capital investing decisions, as well as reducing risks and providing safeguards against fraud.
We help Identify the most suitable candidates for your positions and work culture, which provides a knock-on effect of reducing employee turnover and increase retention rates.
We can create systems that collect and analyze data to enhance the personalized shopping experience in real-time with relevant recommendations for cross-selling.
Machine learning is growing a strong foundation within the healthcare sector, thanks to the introduction and innovation of wearable devices and sensors. Data captured from these devices can be analyzed to assist medical practitioners in improving a patient's diagnosis and evaluating the appropriate treatment leading to a plethora of benefits for both the medical institution and the health of the patient.


First, we conduct interviews with you to understand your unique business problem and evaluate whether or not Machine Learning is a suitable solution for your needs. If it is, we will then work together with you to determine any requirements and formulate a realistic roadmap for your project.
Relevant and sufficient data is a must for the implementation of Machine Learning as it is required for analysis in order to find patterns, produce insights, and train the suitable model for your needs. If the data required is not available, we will help you design the most appropriate and efficient data capture program, should you require it.
The next stage is to choose the model that is most suited for your project, and the types of data (e.g. text based data, images, numerical etc.) you have gathered. We will then implement the data into a training module (on a large number of experiments), so that it can predict any future trends or perform predictions/detection on a range of subjects.
When we have gathered proof that our prototype model can address your business issues, we will launch it into production. We'll integrate the model with your application and provide support services to make sure it works on a broader, or different data sets.