TPP Exchange | White Label Crypto Trading Platform Solution

Main Features

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Matching Engine
Support various trade types of crypto, including limit, market, and stop-limit orders & ensure quick trades execution, securely. In addition, our solution was developed using Micro-service architecture and leaves room for horizontal scaling achieving high-level performance.
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Compliant With Standards & Security
Built-in eKYC automation for quick verification. The platform applies 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), email confirmation (or phone) for all actions related to funds access. Manual approval can also be incorporated as needed.
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Multi-Currency Support
Including fiat; real-time trading 24/7. Our White-label solution allows for new crypto-currencies, tokens, and fiat pairs of choice to be added as per your business requirements.​
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Launch the exchange with your own brand, we only provide the technology that enables you to serve your customer. Our crypto-trading platform is available on both the web and mobile.

TPP Exchange | White Label Crypto Trading Platform Solution​

By leveraging innovative Blockchain technologies with deep business expertise, our white label solution is created to provide users with the ability to trade a wide variety of crypto-currencies, store crypto assets in their wallets, and deposit/withdraw funds – in a secure way. The exchange also provides real-time data update through integration with the TradingView Platform.

Trading Platform

Multiple crypto-currency (BTC, ETH, DOGE, etc.) to be traded in one platform, where traders can see the consolidated assets in a single window.

Order-entry widget, charts, and tools, etc. are also available for technical analysis;

Time & Cost-Effective

Our readily built and tested product saves you months of development time., helps you in cost-savings and business-growing by reducing unnecessary development costs and improving efficiency.

Safe & Secure 

Secure Trading (Touch ID/3D-secure), and ensure instant transaction; Cyber-security measures for code and network protections are also applied. Implement trading with leverage and investment function; 


We carefully tested the product several times before launch, with training to help your team use it.

The platform is also integrated with other 3rd Party Systems/ Blockchain networks; We perform QA/ software testing on various functions and logics, real-time data chart, custom UI interface, cases of Internet Network connection and disconnection, and many other scenarios. 

Our Capacity

Why TP&P Technology 

"To build a cryptocurrency exchange platform on your own, from scratch, you’ll need skillful technical expertise, large resources, and time to build a platform that can give you a competitive edge and allow you to compete with those already existing on the market. Our white-label exchange software offers a ready-made solution that is very cost-effective, you can brand and customize it to bring your vision alive of what a cryptocurrency exchange should provide to your current target market."

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