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09 Jul 2020
IT Services and IT Consulting vs Software Consulting - What are the differences?

With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, VR, MR, Big Data, Automation Process, etc, business owners who are...

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08 Jul 2020
Hiring Big Data Consultant: Why Should Businesses Do So?

In the previous blog post, we mentioned the difference between Big Data and Data Science, now we’d like to focus on Big Data and Big Data consultants. The growth of Big Data has impacted on the nee...

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03 Jul 2020
Hiring ERP Consultants: What are the benefits?

Enterprises are leveraging technologies to step up their game, leaving a mark on their industry. ERP software seems to be the solution since it brings multiple advantages: standardizing business pr...

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29 Jun 2020
8 Steps To Kick-start An ERP Project

It is essential that the project manager look at the genesis of ERP projects. The fact that many businesses still use manual methods, standalone spreadsheets, and other patchwork systems to track d...

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25 Jun 2020
BIG DATA VS DATA SCIENCE - What’s the difference?

Many people use the terms ‘Big Data’ and ‘Data Science’ interchangeably, but they actually provide different results and pursue different approaches.

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25 Jun 2020
Understanding the roles of Data Warehouse and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)

If you have a look at the current and upcoming trends in the IT industry and technology landscape, you’ll likely come across the term ‘data warehousing’. Not many companies implement data warehousi...

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17 Jun 2020
What Is ODC — Offshore Development Center?

If you’re working in the IT industry then the term “offshore development center” is probably not something unfamiliar to you. These centers become top choices for many enterprises due to the benefi...

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16 Jun 2020
Robotic Process Automation: How To Effectively Scale RPA?

Whether it's big enterprises or small businesses, they are all aiming to automate its process in a way that complements the manual strategizing, and processes remain uninterrupted. With RPA pilots...

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12 Jun 2020
IT Outsourcing Budget: What To Consider?

Comparing prices is what we normally do when purchasing some goods or services, software development outsourcing is not an exception. But what toilsome is outsourced IT services are not a commodity...

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11 Jun 2020
Why is Software Development Outsourcing Necessary During & After The Pandemic?

And just like any previous pandemics, the COVID-19 will lead to permanent shifts in the current state of the global economy, politics, culture, healthcare systems, and educational systems around th...

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06 Jun 2020
Low-Code/No-Code or Traditional Application Development?

Low-code and no-code platforms completely change the concept of time in terms of developing apps. With various easy to use features like Drag and Drop, no wonder why these apps are handy and trendy...

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05 Jun 2020
Logistics Management Software Systems: How Does It Work? Latest Guideline 2020

Logistics involves different factors like transportation, packaging, supplies, inventory and even warehousing and social security. It is a vital part of any business models since it’s the key eleme...

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