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With a focus on dominant industries and quick adoption of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to deliver value; faster, better, and more cost competitively. In a manner, which can significantly enhance the customer experience in a variety of business disciplines, including: Finance, Healthcare, Network & IoT, Banking & Insurance.

Our team at TP&P Technology commits to make it our business to continuously develop and enhance our industry knowledge base to effectively develop business software meeting clients in a wide range of business verticals.

Whether you are a Fintech startup, SME operating in Healthcare, Logistics, or Finance industry, our team of experienced IT professionals located internationally and in Vietnam can help transform and improve your existing business operations with our custom software solutions that are built to meet all the specific requirements of your industry – at the same time, avoiding all the potential pitfalls that might occur during the entire development process, ensuring quality and meeting deadline, speed-up the product time to market.



Leading-edge technologies to digitally transform the finance industry.

As technology - and security - has evolved, no industry has been left untouched by the waves of disruption that have been caused by new and creative uses of software. The finance industry is no different, with many Fintech-oriented companies now leveraging digital technologies to push the finance industry into the future. 

Mobile and digital payments are no longer considered innovative ideas, but an essential component for any basic service, with those companies that have adopted such core practices generating billions of transactions around the world on a daily basis – which allows them to compete with even the most established financial institutions

Fintech is transforming the way we live our lives and is drastically impacting the way a business operates in the new digital economy.

As a technology partner with experience in developing leading financial solutions, we can provide development services to suit your needs, regardless of what stage your project is at, contributing the skills needed to build your Fintech solutions. We have the technical and domain expertise to help you transform concepts into fully functioning software and services.

Our ability to provide end-to-end software and platform development services in Fintech ensures that both start-ups and traditional financial firms will not be left behind, and can compete in the new digital economy era. Our team of Fintech developers are veterans in creating fintech solutions, with a focus on ensuring they are fully capable of scaling - which ensures maximum customer acquisitions for your solutions. From application design and programming, to deployment and testing, post-live support, we can handle as much or as little as you need throughout the life cycle of your solutions.

We have a track-record of working with and investing in early stage start-ups, in addition to more established, traditional financial firms. We fully appreciate and understand the varying requirements you will have based on your history and business objectives and using our experience, we can outline the most appropriate solutions and development processes to achieve your success, all whilst ensuring regulatory compliance, security, KYC etc.


With decades of combined experience in the healthcare industry, we take great pride in the contributions we have made in our partnerships to accomplish the goals of saving lives, and generally improving the overall health of humanity. As we employ software applications built specifically for the needs of the health industry, it allows healthcare professionals to not only do their vital work in a safer manner, but it also saves them crucial time that can be reinvested into caring for patients, and ensure the resources of the health organisation are used in the most efficient way to maximize the benefits for all patients.

We have learned from experience that when it comes to dealing with software for healthcare, there is no one size fits all solution as each institution has adapted to the healthcare needs of their patients. This is why we have developed the tools to offer custom-made software solutions that can be designed to specifically match with a healthcare organization’s goals, whether it is to assist the end-users (doctors, nurses and other employees) in performing and managing their daily tasks and schedules, or to reduce the time of, and streamline the administrative processes that are vital in ensuring safe patient care, but also a huge time burden

Working closely with our partners, our team of technical experts will discuss and study the specific healthcare and business needs, determine the scope of what they hope to achieve and provide our expert opinion on if what they have in mind is achievable, or come up with a modified version that is best placed to assist them. Regardless of the specifics required by the healthcare institution, we shall provide the most suitable and advantageously designed software that will not only optimize, but improve their patient care abilities, as well as streamlining any processes and management systems.

With our help, numerous projects have gone live to various organizations in the healthcare industry, having helped a number of our partners in creating their systems from scratch, or performing upgrades, maintaining their existing systems, adding new functionalities such as comprehensive patient profiles and treatment plans, visual appointment systems, employees time-shift management features, etc

All while ensuring appropriate measures are in place to ensure the scalability of the product in adding new features, new parts of an institution, and for any number of patients. Regardless of the product specifications, you will find that it will be of the highest quality, meet any and all industry standards, all bundled with a pleasant user design and interface experience.

As healthcare technology adapts to a world where everyone owns a smartphone, we have ensured that our products are future-proofed. We have created several applications that are fully functional on mobile devices, allowing healthcare institutions to streamline their treatment processes, enhance communications between all staff members and patients, as well as allowing staff to respond to urgent queries regardless of their location and in some cases to work remotely

Our solutions built for mobile also allows for more efficient care coordination with improved booking and contact functionalities and visual data that creates improvements in task and resource allocations, as well as ensuring adequate staff coverage for the number of patients.

We will not just be your partner for the development process. We are also fully capable of incorporating new functionalities over time, upgrading the initial system for performance and stability, ensuring appropriate scale, bug fixing and any other tasks as may arise over time.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

As a leading offshore software development company in Vietnam, together with years of considerable experience, TP&P Technology possesses extensive capability in creating complex logistics management software for Real-Time Fleet Management, Warehouse Management, and Last Mile Delivery.

Logistics plays an important role in the ever-changing global economy and is critical for the success of businesses in a wide range of industries. With the emerging of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), along with Digital Transformation, developing and integrating of logistics software solution is vital for automating the process of Logistics, and Warehouse management.

With a team of experienced IT professionals dedicates to developing fleet management solutions that enable our clients to automate and simplify their daily freight operations activities, help businesses saving time, reducing overhead, and ultimately enhance business value. Additionally, our custom made logistics software will allow businesses to handle and optimize other kinds of warehouse management and logistics operations, reducing fleet management expenses.

Our software development team and dedicated business analysts can help our clients to meet modern logistics requirements by creating easy-to-use GPS vehicle tracking systems, efficient tracking software solutions, logistics management software, and supply chain management applications.

Our Team of seasoned software developers, business analysts, and Project managers can help build Custom Enterprise Logistics Software meeting various kinds of requirements of the logistics industry. Our custom-built logistics software solutions and warehouse management system allow businesses to enhance and optimize their processes, ultimately providing competitive edges, including: Reduce operations overhead and maintenance costs / Customer services improvement / Optimal route planning and reduce delivery time / Track and Warehouse Analysis Warehouse management / Shipment efficiency improvement / Real-time Report and Data Analysis / And many more

Custom Transportation Software Development Services: As a leading software development company in Vietnam, we have experience in developing numerous projects for international logistics corporation, offering quality and innovative custom logistics software development services at a very reasonable budget. Moreover, our solutions can provide companies with access to data and report for actionable insights which allows companies to have visibility into all stages of the delivery process, leading to better manage and reduce operational expenses.

Delivery Optimization: International businesses operate in the logistics industry might encounter various issues such as operating across multi delivery routes, different transportation vehicle types with various customs regulations, etc. which make it difficult to find the most optimal ways to make delivery. Our tailored-made logistics software development services provide companies an efficient way to automate the process, thus reduce manual works and related errors, and enhance the delivery planning and process, with accurate monitoring and detailed analytics report.

Warehouse Management: With years of experience in developing logistics software that helps clients solving unique business problems in the logistics industry, the solutions provided by our team can provide actionable insights into warehouse and inventory management, enable clients to create flexible and effective delivery and storage strategies. This allows companies to keep business moving smoothly, avoiding disruption. In addition, our team can also integrate separate logistics modules into other systems such as ERP, YMS, and TMS.

Supply Chain Management Software: We offer development services of full-scale logistics management software solutions that help companies to provide fast and efficient delivery services to their clients. We build a solution that is easy to use, automating various transportation-related processes, and streamlined logistics operations activities.

Finance & Banking

With a wealth of experience in the finance and banking industry, we know how to focus on what's important, which is to innovate, yet simplify the user experience of an institution's customer. This not only streamlines the efforts over the institutions lifetime in dealings with their customers but also goes a long way towards retaining customers in the long term through their online and mobile applications, with the added benefit of ensuring a system is in place for the retention of top-tier clients.

Whether you're looking to develop a bespoke financial services platform, or something more traditional/platform-based, we are equipped with the skills and expertise needed to propel your products ahead of your competitors from design, to implementation and beyond.

By creating a lending platform tailored to your clientele there are numerous benefits that can be used in your efforts to attract and retain them, from the ability to ensure decisions are well-informed, to an online platform regarding loan rates.

Our tailored platform can allow your customers to apply for financial services, such as a loan, online, instead of having to physically visit a branch, which can reduce the cost acquisition of a customer as well as overall operational costs.

We can create Applications or mobile web portals that can speed up your loan application submissions and greatly reduce the processing time.

Our solutions are fully capable of complying with the regulators of multiple jurisdictions, ensuring a consistent encrypted connection with handling all sensitive information. All of this is done under a complete and comprehensive record management system to ensure that no foul play can occur.

Network Security & IOT

Applying security techniques and best practice for software development is no longer a choice, but absolutely critical. With new technology (particularly mobile and web technologies) on the rise, applying and enforcing security measures for network systems has become a major concern for almost all companies, especially commercial enterprises with large database of customers containing sensitive information. One common misconception is that potential security threats arise from networking layers and operating systems, but that is not true since most of the time, the security risks come from applications themselves.

No matter the industry and/or kind of software applications solution you are developing or planning to develop, many of the applications will likely contain sensitive user data that needs to be protected. In addition, with online and mobile payments on the rise, protecting customer data has become more important and relevant than ever before. Business or online/digital payment applications are special case that requires sophisticated encryption and security algorithms.

We offer a well-defined process to apply industry newest standards enabled such software applications to operate safely and securely, ensuring financial transactions to be carried out at the highest level of encryption and security.

We provide security solutions to help your business comply with regulatory standards and reduce or even avoid the cost of system downtime.

Media & Entertainment | Hospitality

We are proud to have been a part of the entertainment of millions of people since we branched into the entertainment industry, having worked with a number of newly established companies and leading brands in the developments of their platforms. From live streaming and on-demand video, music, gaming, and more, our expertise has been utilized to build and design media platforms from scratch to provide slick, eye-catching solutions with a range of customizable options and enhancements available.

Our services have been instrumental in assisting our partners in the business of delivering entertainment to design, create, and deliver custom media and video platform products, whether it is from scratch, or fully revamping existing platforms in order to components such as the UI/UX, enhancing the overall customer experience, beefing up IP protection and security and much more.

With thousands upon thousands of hours spent in building the perfect user interface, we know what it takes to ensure that our partners have the most cutting-edge designs that are user-intuitive and friendly regardless of the device or screen size. It will be fast, responsive, and all to show the benefits for your platform and enhance customer retention.

We have had the trust of numerous companies, both in Vietnam and abroad, in order to create state-of-the-art solutions with the goal of designing an appealing product that can take on its competitors and increase their market share.

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