Alumni – Private Social Networking Application for School Alumni
  • Invite-only Social Networking App
  • World-class native mobile application on scalable cloud infrastructure developed on time and within budget
  • Flexible architecture allowed for simple integration of new features, like recruitment and paid adverts

Main Features

  • Registration: Members will sign-up and be approved on an invite basis, controlled by the School's designated Admistrator.
  • Member profile: Members of alumni cohorts can create and update their own professional profile allowing classmates to keep up-to-date with each other.
  • Instant Messaging: alumni functions excellently as an instant messaging app, allowing real-time communication between members;
  • Organization administration/management: the Administrator of the school/cohort can keep their members updated by sharing news, pushing newsletters, request/invite sponsorship for school events and many other organizational functions.
  • Business opportunities: allows members to share business ideas and opportunities plus search for sources of investment from venture capital or high net-worth individuals
  • Fully customizable: Alumni can be scaled to be as simple or as fully-featured as your organization desires, and can be easily changed in the future if your needs change.
  • Feeds: Members can follow and keep other members updated by posting personal statuses; sharing news, ideas, media content etc. on the network platform. Allows (with school approval) the ability to offer alumni members with business and investment opportunities to other in their cohort.
  • Events: members can create business events/social outings and invite others in the network to join, allowing for both free and paid tickets, all handled within the application itself;

It Takes Great to Make Great

An amazing technology toolkit is only the beginning. With TP&P Technology, you get a team of  internationally and Vietnam based IT professionals who know how to make your succeed.


The professional PRIVATE network platform for alumnus to connect, communicate, share, support, and cooperate on business opportunities


 Customized social network & instant messaging app. Develop according to your organization's business requirements.

Tech Stack & Solutions Approach

We have been involved from Alumni’s inception, helping with not only the software and infrastructure engineering, but also assisting with UI/UX design and business development efforts in South East Asia and Vietnam region. The technologies that we use for Alumni are modern, scalable and adaptable.

Agile Process Throughout
We get it, change happens, but you have to deliver fast to win. This is why we have taken the time to master Agile. From milestones to sprints, we do everything based on the 'build soon, build often' iterative process that made it possible for Alumni to integrate new features on the fly as they better understood their requirements.
Modern & Scalable Backend
Our team designed and developed a robust, high-level performing application that can be quickly published to the app market. Additionally, we leave room for scalability, with security enhancement, and ensuring the app can be expanded effectively.
Cost-optimised DevOps
For startups, every dollar that goes into infrastructure is a dollar kept from growing the business. With this, we take extra care to ensure operating costs for the technology stack are kept to a minimum without sacrificing scalability or uptime.
Intuitive & Elegent Mobile Front-end
Elegant mobile app design with pleasant user experience:
- Through an iterative process, our team obsessed over delivering a simple yet appealing mobile-first design
- Using A/B testing, we achieved a UX that let’s users perform tasks with the least amount of friction and complexity