RMS | End-to-end Resource Planning and Management System 

Main Features

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Requests and Bookings
Effectively monitor and allocate resources of specific timeframes and multiple-assignments to achieve detailed visibility. Our RMS solution gives you an in-depth view of all aspects of your project resource management needs, helping to improve overall efficiency and manage resources based on staffs' skills, experience and availability.
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Allocate Resources
After project managers make requests, resource managers can allocate suitable resources for the requests. Resource managers can also track KPIs for continuous improvements and decision making. RMS also shows your team resources allocation in detail, highlighting the potential issues and troubling spots to help you rectify on-time ensuring completion meeting deadlines.
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Advanced Skills Tracking and Searching
Not only project managers and executives can search, filter, and allocate resources based on pre-defined or custom criteria, they can also identify the right staffing resources, expertise and skills for utilization, all via intuitive, user-friendly dashboard and reports.
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Skills & Technologies Management
RMS solution offers competency management, helping project and resources managers to have a thorough understanding of their company’s full capacities while determining the competencies of their staff, ultimately utilize available resources based on competencies and matching project plans.

RMS - A Comprehensive collaborative project management solution

Adequate resource allocation and effective management are critical to increasing the likelihood of project success. Hence, it’s highly important that business organizations employ a “Resource Management System” to optimize overheads spending, improve billable utilization and overall productivity.

Skills Tracking & Searching

Project managers and IT decision-makers can identify their staff’s expertise, make sure that all members are optimally assigned of tasks best suitable for their skills,

With our RMS solution, project managers can gain confidence in knowing that the right resources are assigned to the right project meeting the defined project timelines, no matter how complex and large scale the project evolves.

Forecast & Allocate Resources

Streamline Resource Requests

Our web-based RMS solution works well with other management tools, ensuring the assignment of tasks is performed according to a defined timeline, and time-offs are taken into account.

Our Capacity

Why TP&P Technology?

TP&P Technology's robust project resource management software will enable companies, especially their project managers, to gain full visibility into overall workload of team members, and break-down the specific level of task hours are distributed across each individual team members.

Empower Your Team with a Powerful, Cloud-Based or On-premise Resource Management Suite.