KYCOS | Automated KYC solution for seamless and quick on-boarding experience

Main Features

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KYC Automation
KYCOS helps Fintech and Financial Services Companies to significantly reduce the huge amounts of time spent manually processing ID and Legal Documents checking. KYCOS solution automatically extracts data from customers' government ID and immediately fill-in the forms; eliminating the friction and errors caused by manual input.
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Document Verification
E-KYC uses OCR technology to automatically capture and verify a certain number of legal documents, in various languages of Latin-based characters, for KYC processing, including utilities bills and statements.
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Facial Biometrics Recognition
KYCOS platform is built to help users easily and securely perform the much needed digital KYC (Know your Customer) by matching their submitted selfie-photo with their Identity Documents photo for verification. Complimentary step of live checking is also incorporated into the KYC solution to ensure the right user is indeed performing the intended KYC check.
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Multi Devices Solution
KYCOS is available and support a wide variety of devices as well as operating system, including Web version for Desktop/Laptop, and Mobile Application for the majority of iOS and Android devices.

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KYCOS works across multiple industries including Finances, Insurance, Fintech, Travel and Sharing Economy.

KYC Automation

KYCos works across platforms, and can quickly capture and validate the authenticity of customers' ID, and other secondary documents.

KYCOS empowers businesses the confidence to ensure that the right user performing ID verification is, in fact, presently doing so - through AI/Computer Vision and 3D technology. KYCOS platform, powered by AI technology with facial recognition and live-check, can help customers simplify their KYC and Customer Due Diligence processes.

Strong AI Capabilities

ID Verification as A Service

Help businesses to comply with regulatory requirements of AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) while also optimizing Customer Due Diligence process.

Our Capacity

Why Choose KYCOS?

"Being able to offer a friction-less and smooth onboarding experience will not only help financial institutions to attract customers and solidify their loyalty, but also provide them with a competitive advantage. Our easy-to-use KYCOS software solutions that can improve onboarding experience in the self-service channels as well as in person, allowing both users and bank employees to scan ID using their mobile devices, making account openings and approval easier and quicker."

E-KYC Solution