Digital Transformation

Our Main Services

Cloud Services

By leveraging and combining the right mix of private, public and hybrid cloud, we help customers to maximize and derive most benefits out of their cloud and digital transformation investment.

Our cloud-managed services include Cloud Assessment and roadmap/POC definition, Development, Integration, as well as infrastructure migration. All so that your systems stay secured with availability monitoring and automation.

Legacy Modernization

TP&P Technology helps business organizations to become more resilient and scalable through our service offering of Application modernization, enable companies to adopt innovative and technologies as well as architecture. Transforming legacy systems into modern application delivers competitive advantages and allow business organizations to have a solution that is low-cost, secure, and scalable.

Digital Insights

The traditional methodology of data analytics is not capable of identifying the hidden patterns buried in the vast amount of data.

TP&P Technology provides advanced analytics to help business organizations derive digital insights, enables an insights-driven business model, and decision making for companies to thrive in the new digital economy being customer-centric.

Big Data & Analytics

Our big data and advanced analytics services range from Data Management & Governance to Data Architecture, AI/Machine Learning to development of BI Data Analytics System.

We provide a scalable solution to help businesses accelerate transformation - by identifying hidden patterns for customers' acquisition, loyalty, drivers, and likelihood of churn, and more in order to empower businesses with competitive advantages in the long term.

At TP&P Technology, not only we play the role of a technology partner to help you develop software applications, but we also help customers solve their business challenges and improve performance through digital transformation - enable our clients to provide consumers an exceptionally pleasant digital experience using:

Automation, Cloud, Mobility, Insightful Data, and Artificial Intelligence. 

We will work closely with you to perform an assessment on the current state of the business application portfolio and carry out technology selection, followed by re-engineering the solution using Agile to speed-up release.

All through a robust foundation of business IT infrastructure with room for enterprise scalability, allowing customers to solve business problems at speed and scale.

What Makes us

the Right Choice For Your Digital Transformation Needs?

When it comes to Digital Transformation Services, there are plenty of reasons why people choose TP&P Technology