Salesforce Services

Our Business Solution Consulting portfolio focusing on Salesforce Solutions

With broad industry knowledge and platform expertise, our team of highly-skilled Salesforce experts aim to solve your specific Salesforce CRM challenges – from collecting and storing customer information, data analysis, streamlining cooperation processes between departments, to fixing Salesforce CRM performance issues and more.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Our team exists to help you in solving business challenges by providing Sales solutions that are customized in accordance with your specific industries, and the business models that you operate with. As a result, you will be provided with a scalable, high-performing Salesforce CRM solution that has been aligned with your business strategy.

Salesforce Integration & Legacy Data Migration

To ensure your sales and marketing teams are well-equipped, they may also need access to information from other enterprise systems to increase their work performance. If this sounds like something you need, then an integration solution that suits your business requirments is necessary, such as, allowing data exchange between Salesforce CRM and other separate enterprise systems.

Testing, Maintenance & Post-Live Support

Additionally, we are able to offer post-live support, Salesforce CRM training and maintenance services for your new/upgraded Salesforce platform. We provide on-going maintenance and system monitoring to anticipate any issues that may arise out of day-to-day activities, and our team also provides support to the end-users of the system at a functional and technical level. This allows you to increase the adoption rate of Salesforce adoption rate and get the most value out of your Salesforce system.

Salesforce Add-on solutions

Our Salesforce add-on solutions can extend your platform capabilities with extra functionalities, bringing added value. Additionally, we can assist you with selecting the most suitable third-party add-ons according to the scope and demands of your business, including those available on AppExchange,, and others to implement the add-on solutions most suited to your needs.

Salesforce Consulting & Implementation Services (Vietnam)

Why Choose Us?

Our Salesforce solutions are designed specifically to meet your specific requirements, fully utilizing all capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform, along with customized modules for sales and marketing automation, lead and opportunity management, reporting tools, and more, which will go towards eliminating some manual processes and replacing them with automated business versions. 

Our team will also train your employees to utilize the full potential of the Salesforce CRM system.


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