Hiring Big Data Consultant: Why Should Businesses Do So?

In the previous blog post, we've explained the difference between Big Data and Data Science, now let's focus on Big Data and Big Data consultants. The growth of Big Data has impacted on the need of hiring skillful engineers who are able to put their strengths into use.

But who is really being looked for? A big data consultant of course. In this article, let’s understand the definition of big data consultant, what he/she does, and is responsible for, and also why he/she plays a key role in today's business landscape.

Big Data consultants, who are they?

A big data consultant is someone who gives advice to organizations about big data, big data strategy, and the implementation of big data. So, basically everything a big data consultant does relate to big data.

Simple as it sounds, a big data consultant should also design strategies and programs to collect, store, analyze, visualize data from many sources for specific projects. He or she at the same time needs to lead a team and project in a way that ensures quality and punctual delivery. 

He or she should also have sufficient technical knowledge to give educated information and advice regarding big data.

Hiring Big Data Consultant: Why Should Businesses Do So?

Preferably, a big data consultant should be able to program in different languages like Python, R, Java, Clojure, Matlab, Ruby; has an understanding of Hadoop, Hive, HBase, MapReduce; be familiar with disciplines like text mining, outlier detection, clustering analysis, predictive analytics and so on.

A big data consultant also needs to be able to communicate well in English in this global context.

Additionally, A big data consultant is someone who:

  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Has a terrific interpersonal skills
  • Has a logical approach to problem-solving  and outstanding analytic ability 
  • Has researching skill and is able to integrate best practices into problem-solving and continuous improvement
  • Is self-reliant and capable of both independent work and as a member of a team
  • Develops and reviews project plans
  • Is able to identify problems and opportunities

It is not questionable that a big data consultant holds an important role in businesses if they want to develop a big data strategy. Same as a Data Scientist and Data Analyst, the role of a Big Data consultant is to make your data coherent and understandable.

Their Duties and Responsibilities

When hiring a big data consultant, you should map out their duties and responsibilities and what you expect out of them and their work. His or her duties and responsibilities include:  

  1. Vetting your company’s big data tools and architecture
  2. Testing technical performances
  3. Introducing you to Proof of Concept (POC) and implementing it
  4. Analyzing
  5. Benchmarking new solutions
  6. Improving business intelligence, etc.

And other responsibilities related to big data that you can think of. 

But keeping in mind that their job is a consultant, they are your advisors, if they are not in-house consultants, any decision should be made by the key decision-maker or project leader/manager from your company.

Why should you hire a Big Data consultant?

A big data consultant will help your company to solve current technical problems, improve what he or she can do, and to give the C-suite a clear conclusion.

With his or her technical knowledge, he or she can help in the decision-making process, and in sales and inventory forecasting, minimizing financial risks, targeting market segmentation, scheduling maintenance actions. 

Why is a big data consultant indispensable?

The answer to the question is simple: because big data is a vast area of technology with many challenges, including capturing data, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, information privacy, and so on. Let’s look at an example to have a better understanding of how complicated the process can be:

In many financial institutions, the credit assessment department gives its customer a score based on their credit history. This results in different types of classifications and ratings in credibility for loan approval.

The credit system, in order to be run fluently, it incorporates many technologies like machine learning system, big data analysis technology, artificial intelligence, and project maven. Considering the number of customers has risen dramatically over the past few decades, in order to analyze the data of million customers, big data analysis technology is a critically needed point and a big data consultant is vitally important at this point.

Big data experts can leverage the project with their methodologies and technical capabilities.

Some companies hire a big data consultant or consulting company when they reach the point of taking the entrepreneurial leap, or when they need to fill a knowledge gap.

Things you should take into consideration when choosing a big data consultant company

A big data consultant or a big data consulting company surely will help you to find new business opportunities and solve the on-going problems, but among thousands of consulting services, who should you choose?

We, as human beings, cannot predict the future, making business decisions in the market is tough enough, choosing a strategic partner to help you enlarge your business is tougher.

A third party always bring skepticism, hiring the wrong one can result in time lost, money wasted, and exasperation, understanding your concern, we are now presenting some helpful tips that you can use when choosing a big data consulting firm, from the perspective of an insider:

What is your goal and real problem?

Like any startup idea, if you want the business to succeed, you should know which problem you want to tackle and its solution.

Choosing a consulting firm is the same. By understanding your goal, your current situation, and issues, you will be able to communicate your aim effectively with your consultant and see dramatically change during the transforming process.

Moreover, this will result in better research strategies that allow you to approach the company with the right skills and abilities to fulfill your ultimate goal.

Experience tells

Considering your potential partner’s experience is not a bad idea. Now we’re not saying you should eliminate brand new consultant firms, because who knows when someone is a diamond in the rough.

But preferably, an experienced consultant is a go-to-option. It doesn’t matter that technology changes almost every day in the technology revolution, a consulting firm should always have knowledge about the current and latest trend of technology, and being able to give a forecast is better (if proves that your potential strategic partner is not just a working machine who solely takes order).

Cost of consultancy services

Cost of service, of course, it is an important factor we all consider when purchasing something, especially if you are business owners, you are well aware of your budgetary requirements. Have a look at the average price and make decisions based on the services they offer, their experience, etc.

A quotation regarding the project particulars can help. Check out our IT Outsourcing Budget article to get a better understanding and avoid paying too much for an outsourcing service.


Market standings say a lot about the company. Now, when we say reputation, we don’t mean the first result you find in Google or the likes on their Facebook page. Have a look at their social media reach instead, or their share of voice, or using sentiment analysis.

There are many tools helping you to do that, read this post to gain a better comprehension in reputation measurement. 

Also, ask yourself: What are their specialties? Do their previous clients provide positive feedback? How long have they been in the industry? And most importantly, do they keep up with the latest technology trend (if it is the most compatible solution for you)? 

Industry recognized certification helps to define which company is authentic to some extent, this, you should take into consideration.


When it comes to data, it is a vital backbone of any business. Data contributes to distinguish one business to another, helping businesses to define their target audience and approach methodology. You want your data to be secured.

A solid legal agreement, an NDA should be established between your organization and the consultancy provider. All actions taken must comply with local laws and regulations. Look at their privacy regulations to determine the reliability. 

How to choose a Big Data consultant company?

There are some specific steps you can take to choose a big data consultancy company, here are some basic considerations which you should take into account, including:

  • Match your problems with solutions
  • Evaluate off the shelf products 
  • Evaluate Company Listing
  • Look at Vendor Portfolio Case Studies
  • Interview Consulting Company Evaluation Phase


Large scale organizations and enterprises often use big data technologies to set their footprints in the industry, and big data consultants are hired to make advanced analytics, predictions, evaluations, and even to provide a better understanding of customer behavioral patterns.

If we haven’t convinced you to get one big data consultant for your next digital transformation movement, maybe one of our experts can! Talk to them now to know more about their work, what values they can bring, and it’s totally up to you whether you should hire a consultant. At TP&P Technology, we offer IT consulting services and software solutions that will help you to get such competitive advantages.