How to choose the right Odoo Implementation Partner for your Odoo ERP Solution?


Making the decision to adopt an ERP system such as Odoo is the first step towards achieving business success and keep up with the dynamic market demand. Yet, in order to successfully implementing an OpenERP system such as Odoo is to choose the right partner who can help execute implementation in the right manner.

How to choose the right Odoo Implementation Partner for your Odoo ERP Solution?

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Today, it’s clear that ERP system can bring a lot of benefits to businesses including, providing full visibility into operations and allow management and executives to have access to real-time or near real-time data tracking and reporting, for better and informed decision making.

Thus, ERP system plays a significant role in enabling companies to scale up and achieve necessary growth.

Depends on the size and scope of the project, Odoo ERP implementation could be complex and costly, which requires strong Odoo expertise and experience in order to get it right the first time. Specifically, your chosen implementation partner should understand and know about the nuts and bolts of your business, your specific industry requirements, and how the new ERP system can help solve the existing challenges found in your business.

Ideally, your Odoo ERP partner will work closely with your team to identify and develop a deployment plan, execute on the implementation project and provide ongoing long-term support after go-live.

Why you need to research for the right Odoo implementation partner?

Choosing the right Odoo implementation partner can provide many crucial benefits for your company, from collaborating with your team to define project scope and requirements, to provide recommendations, and build the most suitable Odoo ERP solutions.

At TP&P Technology, we focus on delivering measurable results to our clients, with a commitment to building a robust ERP infrastructure customized according to our client’s particular business needs.

With Odoo ERP encompasses various modules and functionalities, it’s important that your Odoo implementation partner can help you figure the ERP solutions which meet your requirements. In particular, the right Odoo ERP implementation partner will be able to offer you a completely customized and tailored Odoo ERP solution – along with providing users the necessary training and support after going live. 

  1. Credibility

Among the most important criteria for choosing an Odoo implementation partner is to verify their track records of ERP implementation. Your potential Odoo partner should be trustworthy and have experience completing a project that is similar to yours.

To find out, talk to your potential vendor directly about their experience, and specifically their Odoo certifications as well as other ERP implementation related skills in general.

  1. Expertise

Equally important is the expertise of the potential Odoo implementation partner, in particular, the vendor should be chosen based on their long-term experience in the manufacturing industry, as well as possess a solution-focused attitude, together with interpersonal skills.

This wealth of expertise and knowledge will result in faster, more appropriate Odoo solutions being developed which are highly tailored made according to your company's needs. Furthermore, your Odoo partner should have a track record of delivering projects on time, within budget, and above industry standards.

  1. Team Capacity

Each Odoo ERP implementation project will vary according to the size, type, and location of the companies. For a large ERP project, it is necessary that you choose the implementation whose development capacity is adequate for your Odoo project.

Ideally, your Odoo partner should be able to provide end-to-end ERP services ranging from Odoo Apps selection and implementation, organizational change management, business process re-design, IT infrastructure consulting, to support and training as well as others.

  1. Project Management

Communication is critical to ensure Odoo implementation project successful. This is because ERP implementation is highly complex and takes a long time to complete – with multi customizations and may involve many decision-makers for approval as well as stakeholders.

Furthermore, with such a lengthy period expected to complete, there will definitely be a lot of interactions and collaboration happening back and forth between various teams and business users. Thus, it’s essential that your chosen Odoo partner is qualified in managing projects to ensure that milestones and deadlines can be met on-time, with no re-work needed.

  1. Communication

As mentioned above, Odoo ERP implementation is time-consuming and changes may happen as the project evolves. Changes related to technical problems and business requirements will definitely occur. As a result, being able to communicate and convey ideas effectively is crucial to get the project running smoothly and get all parties well informed on the project progress.

  1. Flexibility

With changes that will inevitably occur, especially in ERP implementation, where business ideas take place first then customary requirements follow suit later. This means the Odoo implementation partner of your choice needs to offer the flexibility in allowing further customization and changes during implementation and also being able to respond quickly to such change.

Having said that, only an experienced Odoo implementation partner is capable of handling such change well and not derail the project.

  1. Planning

Finally, before embarking on researching for an Odoo ERP implementation partner, you need to look in-house and work together to have a thorough understanding of your own ERP requirements. Specifically, companies need to identify the critical business issues and pain points in order to map out processes, prior to moving into a new ERP solution.


Choosing the right Odoo consulting and implementation partner can help you with various critical aspects throughout implementation, including consulting and requirement analysis, custom development, followed by deployment and configuration, as well as support and training after the project going live.

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