IT Services and IT Consulting vs Software Consulting - what are the differences?

The growth of the internet took quantum leaps in the 1990s and has created job opportunities for millions of people around the world.

With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, VR, MR, Big Data, Automation Process, etc, business owners who are disoriented, and may need advice as well as assistance from IT experts - in order to adapt and thrive in the new digital economy.

Many sectors like IT services, IT consulting services, and software consulting services have been created, partly due to that reason.

One of the world’s biggest IT markets, India, for example, is booming because of two components: IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO). Now, consulting is not some brand new profession, but consulting related to technologies is to help to transform many businesses in their operations, specifically in the areas of working efficiency, cost-saving, and productivity. 

For someone who hasn’t contacted much with technologies, it can be a challenge to determine which consulting services they’re needing. By understanding the differences between the three sectors, business owners can do research and make decisions based on the business’s needs without wasting time running around. 

IT Services and IT Consulting vs Software Consulting - what are the differences?

Let’s look closely at the difference between IT services, IT consulting, and software consulting. 

Software Consulting Services

A software consultant is an expert who provides sufficient information and knowledge in the software space to businesses, organizations, or any other third party for a fee. This expert can either be an independently employed individual or an employee in a counseling firm. 

He or she might be a software engineer, even though this is not a compulsory factor, but there are a lot of software consultants who used to be software developers, and it is great to have insight from insiders.

Consulting in technology is rather a wide sector, if you’re only seeking advice focusing on the software and application layers then software consultants are whom you’re looking for. 

IT Consulting

But what if you want to have recommendations about other aspects, like how to digitally transform your business, or to apply ERP into your business operation, then, instead of going to software consulting, IT consulting services are what you need. 

Just like it is mentioned in its name, IT consulting services offer guidance to customers on everything IT-related, from IT strategy to the type of technology and functionality. They can also be known as computer consultancy, computing consultancy or business and technology services.

No matter what they’re called, their business motive is to advise organizations on how to use information technology to achieve their business goals such as integrating process automation, mobile security, etc into their business model or advising them on new technology trends and how best to use it.

IT consulting services are normally outsourced, because the nature of work is advising and helping implement changes that are necessary, it is nonessential to hire a full-time consultant for such a spontaneous and short-term task. 

IT services

Now IT services, a superset of IT consulting and software consulting services may offer IT consulting services as well. “IT services refer to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes”, according to Gartner. IT services are made up of a combination of information technology (products), people, and process. 

There are three types of IT services:

  • Infrastructure
  • Application
  • Business process

Here are some common IT services that cover most of the basic needs of any SMEs.

  • Cloud services: companies are leaning more and more toward cloud solutions, cloud services are established and become appealing due to the scalability,  immediate access to company resources.
  • Help desk support: any company should have an IT help desk support, they will help you in many different ways such as troubleshooting computers, printers, wifi, and networks, etc
  • Network security: IT services will ensure you to protect your data from internet risks like hackers, spammers, viruses, and data thieves. 
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: whenever there are events like fire, flood, and computer virus, you would like your data to remain safe, right?  This service will help you to store your data in different locations, ideally, 3 different locations: the source device, local backup device, and an off-site location. 
  • Computer training: your IT service also provides a computer training session for your employees as well if you ask them.
  • IT consulting: this one we have mentioned above.
  • Managed print services: your IT service can also take care of all your printing services, help you save time, and spend on more important things. This service includes: take care of your printers, scanning devices, copiers, fax machines. 

Consulting is a business of expert advice to other professionals, that exists in various industries, typically in financial and business; however, there is one area that allows consultants to work in different industries - IT services. IT consultants can concentrate on advising businesses the approach to meet their goals utilizing information technology. 


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