RPA, And They Said Only Large Organizations Can Benefit From

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a robotic automation software imitates humans to perform various rule-based tasks such as collecting data and operates with no errors and non-stop (unattended). RPA is one of the digital transformation indispensable emerging technologies.

Despite the fear that the word “automation” brings (it strikes right in our heart at the threat of losing jobs), RPA should be the tool to improve the working productiveness, not to bring fear to humans. After all, all of these cutting-edge technologies’ purpose is to serve humans to finish our work in the most effective way.

How organizations are celebrating the benefits of RPA

RPA, And They Said Only Large Organizations Can Benefit From
It is essential to understand what benefits RPA brings to the table before implementing it. Adopting RPA promises greater operational efficiencies and generates more opportunities. For instance, RPA is often used in some specific areas when it comes to the banking industry like risk and compliance reporting, anti-money laundering, accounting, mortgages reconciliations, and in the front office. 

Industries, if understand RPA thoroughly can apply it following the business essentiality. Five significant benefits we can reap from apply RPA in the business model are:

  1. Improved quality - manual tasks are replaced with robots which lead to error-free and faster results.
  2. Since heaps of manual tasks can be done by robots, businesses save their human resources from doing boring tasks and appoint them to do more important duties which lead to efficiency savings and increased productivity.
  3. RPA helps in streamlining interactions and increasing responding time, this results in improved customer satisfaction and services.
  4. By freeing staff from no challenging task, business owners end up with a happy and motivated team because they are allowed to work on more intellectual, challenging, and fulfilling jobs.
  5. RPA can improve data analytics visibility which will eventually help businesses to gain valuable insights.

The Myth

A recent survey explored how the COVID19 crisis has impacted the future of work and automation. Ever since the coronavirus outburst at the beginning of this year, there have been more businesses implementing digital transformation than in the preceding five years. 

Like any other high-level IT development product (AI, Machine Learning, ERP, DevOps, etc), investing in RPA is, indeed, a big deal. Not only you need an RPA expert to help you in introducing the new technology, training staff, etc, but also merging new technologies into your business means changing your business’s culture somehow.

Therefore, small and medium enterprises business owners used to think that only big companies need such complicated solutions to get the work done. But we’re here to debunk this myth!

The Truth

Yes! The truth is not only big organizations, should and can implement RPA into their business, everyone can reap the benefits from it. Large businesses always draw more attention to attract talents and retain the employees, which is a reversed case for small to medium-sized businesses. New technologies can help increase work efficiency while releasing talents from doing looping tasks.

Here are some steps that you can consider if you’re looking for a way to implement RPA:

  • Instead of building silo automation for one process, you can take a look at how automation can help your entire business to make the most out of it by considering taking a holistic approach: everyone from the C-suite to the junior level employees.
  • Identifying your company’s pain points and evaluating if RPA can sufficiently solve them.
  • Have some experts help you with your RPA implementation. This person should also act as your peer who can give you honest feedback and review while lending you a hand to point out any current existing gaps in your process.
  • Run an ROI calculation beforehand.
  • Run bots in manual mode, any error made, bots can change and improve.


If you consider the benefits of RPA and think that it is compelling now, it’s time to apply it to your businesses. At TP&P Technology, along with digital transformation services we also offer RPA services. We understand the importance of implementing RPA into your business, therefore, we’re here to help! After all, we’re entering the collaborative technology innovation era.

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