Technology changes has become more dynamic than ever so has the web development in particular. So, when planning to choose among web development companies, customers should be sure that the company is familiar with various up-to-date development technologies. One of the criterion to take into account is that the web developers of that company. They should be skillful, experienced enough to build up the project from customers’ ideas in the most effective and innovative ways. Then, the fact that they keep themselves updated with new tech trend is the key factor.

From the perspective of hiring company, hiring a dedicated web developer requires a close look into not only the experience but also the knowledge of the modern web development technologies and the ability to employ them into current and future projects to bring out the most fruitful final results.


1. In-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology:

Next generation of the internet world is made into reality thanks to the contribution of blockchain technology. The world was rocked hard in 2018 with the rise of blockchain especially the movement of cryptocurrency and in particular the peaking price of Bitcoin, the technology is going to promisingly change the internet world in 2019 and even the next coming years.

Grounding on that, people working in web development industry of new generation, want to stay competitive in the labor market are expected to continuously keep themselves up to date to the solutions of blockchain so that they could fulfill more customers in the years to come. Besides, in nowadays dynamic work and the highly demanding market, web developers should be capable of not only one but various technologies such as Python, Java, and, especially C++ - the language mainly used to build Bitcoin. 

2. Broad understanding of Fintech Industry:

Fintech is a combination of Finance and Technology. This term is used specifically for the technologies that exclusively used for the Finance industry. As life quality has improved dramatically, traditional banks of course want to make it easier and more convenient for their customers to use bank services. And the development of Fintech, like online banking, or mobile wallet, or even auto banks, is the answer. Bank clients now could carry out most of their transactions online with just a few mouse clicks. They could even transfer money across the country among accounts just in seconds, which would have cost one around weeks or even month in just a few years ago. 

With above mentioned development of technology used for the finance industry, and the increase of cybercrime, Fintech web development is to face with more challenges. The workforce in this field is expected to master not only the technologies that could build the better products but also the broad knowledge about relevant issues to more and more fulfill the rigorous changing requirements of clients in the field. Regardless the future of traditional banks, Fintech development companies would be the key for better financial solutions and services.

3. Experience of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

In recent world, most of us are familiar with the term Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). But to build up a system that integrates the technology of ML and AI requires a highly skilled and experienced development team. The team then work collaboratively to combine sophisticated algorithms to make a machine at the same time do the task properly and really learn – with all literal meaning of the work – from input data. The machines or the system gradually become more intelligent and human-like. They to some extent could now replace a big number of human labor and therefore could help save more cost for the enterprises. People are now quite familiar with auto vending machines and soon enough they will find themselves used to the presence of auto cars travelling on the roads.

Despite the fact that ML or AI is just in its nascent stage, it is surely to become the technology of future. And to work in this field and stand out among competitors, custom mobile app and web development centers must prepare their workforce to be specialists with hands-on, long-term experience in the field.

4. Good manner of Problem-solving:

It’s generally accepted that the modern technologies’ knowledge maintains to be the most essential element of any programmers’ career. However, the ability to achieve the tasks in efficient way by solving the problems in a quicker manner is quite crucial. Problem solving therefore remains to be an essential integrate of nowadays web developer’s daily routine.

If possessing the mentioned skill, web developers could easily fill the gaps in the entire knowledge of any particular technologies or programming languages. The main factor while working in IT field is to thoroughly identify and understand a problem and then effectively break it into various appropriate tasks that can be easily solved.

With particular way, the web developer can well get along with the way bigger tasks. With the analysis of the modern technologies as AI and blockchain, developers can easily figure out the way IT market is dynamically evolving and changing.


It is undeniable that the industry of IT has developed dramatically in the recent few years. Updating yourselves to new trends of contemporary technologies is essential factor to make you – web developers – outstanding in the more and more competitive labor market. And to be the leading software company in the market, it is necessary for managers to consider the above mentioned skills of their staff before hiring one for their team in current dynamic and high demanding market.