6 Key Benefits When Working With An IT Outsourcing Company In Vietnam

The days of trying to build the best in-house team to deal with all challenges that businesses are facing are over. Now startups and global enterprises focus on what they do best and go with the outsourcing options for the rest. This is true, especially when it comes to software development. One of the determinants of making a high-quality outsourced product is the experience of the software development team. We don’t just talk about the number of years of experience. The experience can be achieved when one software outsourcing team has built multiple products for multiple customers.

Vietnam has emerged as one of the popular software development and IT outsourcing services destinations. But amongst hundreds of choices (prominent outsourcing destinations like India, China, Ukraine, etc.), why should you choose a reliable IT outsourcing company in Vietnam? In this article, we would like to accentuate the six main benefits of outsourcing to Vietnam.

6 Key Benefits When Working With An IT Outsourcing Company In Vietnam

Vietnam is a promising destination for outsourcing software development projects. Many prominent tech giants like Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, etc., have been investing in the Vietnam software outsourcing market. So, let’s prove the bold statement above together.

Excellent coding expertise

From an insider’s point of view, we must say, IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam have access to an extensive network of experienced software developers. Vietnam is a rising star, ranks among the top 5 outsourcing countries in the IT industry. The reason behind this is its potential in people. There are about 100,000 developers and almost 75,000 content specialists working in IT now, not to mention another 40,000 IT graduates each year. 

Also, according to HackerRank, Vietnam is one of 30 countries that have the best developers. This might happen because the Vietnamese programmers are actively involving in learning new programming languages.

Plus, Vietnam is rank no.3 as the country with the best developers in the Artificial/Machine Learning domain.

Cost-effective services

Since Vietnam is the software outsourcing emerging market, outsourcing investment in this country is 30 to 35 per cent less expensive than in China. 

The average rate for software developers in India is roughly 4 USD per hour; such low rates might lead to poor quality and underpaid programmers’ lack of motivation. However, in big cities in China like Shanghai, a developer can make up to 210 USD per hour. Vietnam can fill the gap between China and India. The price offered usually ranged from 25 to 45 USD depending on projects, the skill set needed, and the software outsourcing company’s reputation.

Time-zone differences benefits

Time-zone difference is one of the benefits that answers the question, “why outsource to Vietnam”. The maximum time-zone difference is below 24 hours, making it possible to set up overlapping working hours with your IT services provider partner. As for Asian countries like Korea or Japan, Vietnam is a paradise for outsourcing software since there are only 1 or 2 hours differences. Effective cooperation can be set up with the help of flexible daily sync-ups and working hours.

Communication and working culture

Overall, Vietnam ranks no. 29 on EF Education First’s English Proficiency Index, ranking at no. 5 in the Asian region. There are many English educational schools in Vietnam, contributing to increasing students mobility and international workforce collaborations. Therefore, language and communication shouldn’t be a barrier when reaching a Vietnam software outsourcing company. 

Moreover, the Vietnamese community is very open to adapt to new changes for better improvement. Sudden changes with little notice are not uncommon in this country’s business setting, especially in small companies and organisations. But keep in mind that flexibility in working does not equal irresponsibility or inconsideration; sometimes the changes occur because the key decision-maker comes up with better ways to do the job. 

Offshoring Opportunities

Vietnam is a prominent destination for both offshoring and nearshoring. Like said, Vietnam attracts many companies in Japan and Korea due to its geographical and time-zone proximity and low living cost. Companies outsourcing to Vietnam can significantly save costs and have one finger on the pulse of their project.

As for U.S companies, outsourcing to Vietnam is a great option as it can deliver high-quality end-to-end solutions at an affordable price. Vietnam software development outsourcing companies can provide high-quality turnkey products that support business growth.

Strong wave of IT investment

Vietnam has been a prosperous destination for many large tech companies in the world. Apple’s supply chain vice president said that Apple is ready to find future cooperations with Vietnamese ICT companies opportunities. Besides Samsung, one of the foreign capital corporations helping accelerate Vietnam’s economy, Apple’s participation will continue to strengthen the foreign investment wave in Vietnam. 

HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited), one of India’s top 3 IT companies, has built an HCMC centre and needed more than 10,000 engineers in the next five years.

Vietnam has attracted more and more companies to consolidate and strengthen its position in different international ratings each year. So, maybe it’s time for you to join them?

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