How to find skilled AI/Machine Learning (ML) Engineers in Vietnam?

Today, many companies are currently putting their investment into the new technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning which are said to be able to give businesses the competitive edge they need, also optimize business to improve efficiencies, increase revenue and assist in decisions making in various other business functions.

AI & ML enables a company to become smarter and more adaptable to the constant business changes by processing and analyzing data, to derive actionable insights and stay ahead of the competition.

Thus, the question is how your organization can hire top AI and Machine Learning engineers to help make sense out of the vast amount of data collected.


According to the New IDC Spending Guide, by 2022, world-wide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems is predicted to reach $77.6 billion.

This is a strong figure indicating the growing demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation for businesses. Furthermore, in another article about “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020”, it is mentioned that AI & ML play an important role as the key driver in the making of all those long term technology vision to become a reality for businesses in 2020.

So, the demand of ML expertise is not expected to cool down anytime soon.

Even though the demand for Machine Learning engineers is increasingly growing, there is a shortage of skilled Machine Learning engineers in many country markets across the world.

Tech powerhouse like Facebook – Amazon – Netflix – Google attracts the best IT talents who are top AI and ML engineers, and the competition increasingly become more challenging. According to the list of best job in the US by indeed, Machine Learning engineer takes the top spot with an average base salary of around $146K per annum. Specifically, Computer Vision Engineers earn among the highest in tech at $158K per annum.

If your business is a startup or an SME that is not Facebook or Amazon, looking at these stats may make you hesitate in starting your AI/ML solutions development project.

In addition to the shortage of skilled ML engineers, these tech powerhouses are also spending millions of dollars to attract and retain those talented AI and Machine Learning engineers making the competition even higher.

It’s turning into a huge obstacle to hire full-time ML engineers due to that competition. Yet, it’s still possible to hire talented AI and Machine Learning engineers on a consultant basis or dedicated outsourcing team to complement the full-time talent.

Consider AI Outsourcing

There is quite an assortment of choices when it comes to outsourcing AI & Machine Learning Development project. The decision to select the outsourcing vendor should be based on talent pool, average Machine Learning engineer salaries, local IT market conditions as well as quality, and reputation. Among the popular destinations for AI outsourcing includes Vietnam, India, and other Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Poland.

In the recent year, Vietnam has emerged as a promising destination of AI projects outsourcing thanks to the large pool of IT talents who are open-minded and eager to learn and work on new technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Data Science etc.

The software industry in Vietnam is growing steadily and firmly, a quick scan on LinkedIn shows that there are over 4250 IT professionals who are working as a Machine Learning Engineer or skilled in this particular technology in Vietnam (as of Nov 2019).

TP&P Technology is a trusted software development company in Vietnam with representative offices in the USA and Singapore. We have a proven track record of successfully delivered AI and Machine Learning projects to clients across the global market. Talk to one of our dedicated specialists about your AI & ML requirements today.

Factors to Consider When Hiring AI and Machine Learning Engineers

The AI & Machine Learning movement, while constantly evolving, is still not reaching its maturity stage in comparison to other technologies trends. AI & Machine Learning offers many use cases for different businesses in various industries and thus, Machine Learning could mean different things to different people.

Choosing the right AI and Machine Learning Engineers may depend entirely on your organization’s specific needs. Nevertheless, there are certain key factors and requirements that should be met when hiring your next Machine Learning engineers.

AT TP&P Technology, we take great care in hiring our tech talents to ensure they have the technical skills to successfully work on our client project. The followings are the qualities to look for when employing consulting services provided Machine Learning development companies:

Technical Expertise

Technical skills and expertise in Machine Learning (as well as other related technologies) is critical to ensure the hired machine learning engineers are qualified to work on the development project.

One of the methods to verify their expertise is to look at their job duties on the past projects. Not having experience working with relevant tools and technologies for AI/Machine Learning development is an indicator that you might be dealing with inexperienced engineers. Ideally, ask the technical executives (e.g. CTO, engineers, etc.) in your company to conduct interview via video conferencing, or face to face to find out their technical expertise – in particular, ask your potential candidates about the previous Machine Learning models and AI code they have developed before.


While many believe that technical expertise should always come first when hiring Machine Learning engineers, soft skills and attitude also play an important part in the success of an AI development project.

Specifically, communication skill is just as important compared to technical skills. It’s essential that AI and Machine Learning engineers agree on a communication model before starting the project. This is particularly vital if you hire offshore Machine Learning engineers, as you will be required to frequently communicate with them to keep track of progress and providing feedback for project improvement.

Creativity & Up-to-date Industry knowledge

AI is an industry that is constantly evolving and changing with new technologies and applications being introduced every day.

A typical Machine Learning project involves more than just data science, which sometimes might include custom software development, hardware, and IoT (internet of things) as well as cloud computing technology.

It helps to hire Machine Learning engineers whose knowledge extends beyond technical know-how and have an understanding of what machine learning deployment at scale is like.

Your team of Machine Learning Engineers should actively keep themselves up-to-date with new trends in the AI landscape and adapt to them in order to implement the solutions which work at the current time.

Tasks Management

Great AI and Machine Learning engineers will break down tasks into smaller, measurable, and deliverable goals as benchmarks for progress.

Build a detailed plan with your AI and Machine Learning engineers that outlines the exact steps to take to build something meaningful. Intermittent goals are critical to displaying progress in action. Don’t evaluate your project based on one final outcome; this is a recipe for disaster. Set Detailed and Deliverable Goals

Experienced and skilled Machine Learning engineers know how to manage their tasks well by dividing them into smaller deliverables as a way to keep track of progress.

Cultural Fit

To truly achieve a considerable positive impact of AI and Machine Learning on optimizing your company’s business processes, it’s necessary to hire engineers with the cultural knowledge to help your company implement changes on the core business processes.

Taking into account the company culture to understand and introduce changes for adoption is just as important as the development work itself.

To conclude, technical skills are greatly important but it’s only one part of the big picture where other factors such as communication skills, attitude, and cultural fit are worth taking into consideration.

Consider hiring dedicated Machine Learning engineers

Companies may also consider the model of hiring a dedicated team of AI and Machine Learning Engineers to work along-side their in-house AI team for a long period of time in order to extend their team capacity efficiently. This model gives your business the ability to manage the workload of Machine Learning engineers, and flexibility in change requirements as the project evolves.

Other than that, you may also want to work with the consulting company by starting a small proof-of-concept as a way to verify that the company you employ can actually deliver results as expected. If this goes well then you may confidently move to a bigger, full-scale project.


TP&P Technology is a trusted software development company in Vietnam with representative offices in the USA, UK, and Singapore. We have a proven track record of successfully delivered AI and Machine Learning projects to clients across the global market.

Talk to one of our dedicated specialists about your AI & ML requirements today.