The Ultimate Blueprint For Choosing The Best Software For Your Company’s Goal

Whether you’re a startup or a corporate company, choosing the right software to build and support your product is probably one of the most critical decisions you have to make, especially if you’re not from a tech background. A good technology stack will be the stepping stone for your further success, helping you increase agility and efficiency as you expand and work towards your business goals. Inadequate technology is a waste of time and money, not to mention, it will hinder you from achieving your growth and development goals.

The Ultimate Blueprint For Choosing The Best Software For Your Company’s Goal

This is the reason why many companies nowadays prefer buying to building software from scratch. Compared to building and deploying software, buying is much easier as it can provide you with better scalability, customization, and overall return on investment.

Technical debt can limit your company’s ability to compete in the market and being innovative; it is the cost of making suboptimal coding or design decisions due to time or budget constraints. When you need something quick, you opt to choose the easy fix, but when you have to solve a problem or find a better solution, you will pay a higher cost or slower development times

In recent McKinsey research, it is stated that 10 to 20 percent of the new product technology budgets are diverted to manage technical debt. Instead of focusing on developing new products and capabilities, the software development team works hard to solve the complex problems caused by the legacy system.

How to choose great tech

The ideal technology stack varies from company to company, depending on whether you’re focusing more on mobile or web products. However, you can always find software that supports both. 

By knowing where to start and how to make the most out of the limited resources can be a challenge. You can start by asking questions to define your priorities and determine where you can invest to get the most value. What is your budget and schedule for one month, three months, or one year, etc? What processes can you automate to increase efficiency? What are the bottlenecks? Etc.

Here are some basic tips for choosing the best software for your company:


Whatever you do, researching is a must. Investigate what technology your competitors are using. There are many tools and websites that provide this information, such as the SDK Intelligence for mobile applications. 

Read reviews on sites that provide unbiased SaaS peer ratings. Or you can talk to other entrepreneurs whom you trust. What is an absolute necessity and what is not? For example, a mobile app company uses marketing automation software to manage in-app messages and push notifications, and experience platform software for testing and management functions.

Automation is the go-to-option

Automation is no longer new news. It likes the “bare necessity” nowadays. Automate your goal as much as possible, because it will save you greatly in the long run. Automation can speed up processes, reduce the risk of human-making error, and free up time for your employees to perform other important critical thinking tasks.

Reach out to the experts

If you need advice, what better than asking someone from the industry aka the expert. Arranging a meeting with top software companies, onshore or offshore, to get the insider’s perspective. In this way, you will often find out more ways to solve your current problems than you initially thought. You can request a demo of the platform to evaluate the pricing and features of their tools and see if they are suitable for your business vertical.

Start with a small team if you’re a startup

Think of your technology as an opportunity to outsource so that you can better manage your team, especially if you’re a startup. Hire as few people as possible and look for software that allows you to do more with modest team size. For startup companies, we strongly recommend buying software or outsourcing your software development team since you may not be able to hire top talents. Investing in cutting-edge technology while managing a small team, you’ll get higher values. 

Take it easy

After having everything clear in mind, carefully weigh your options. This is a decision that will have a lasting impact on your business. Remember to choose a reputable company with expertise in the area you need.

When it comes to buying software, several benefits included ảe: the time to implementation can be shorter, upfront costs are typically lower, and maintenance can be handled by your SaaS provider, etc,. Of course, there are some cons to it and it is an ongoing battle of whether to buy or to build your software, or build your software with the help of an offshore development team. Whichever solution works best for you and your business, TP&P Technology is here to support you at any time.